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  • The Urge to Teach

    I noticed a long time ago that people have a natural tendency to teach. Given the opportunity, most people with skill and experience will willing share their knowledge with anyone who displays an interest in learning.

    While I don't think this is a uniquely human behavior, I do believe it is a fundamental human behavior. It is the basis of human society. It is how, over time, we developed a culture of society and technology, passing knowledge on from generation to generation, with constant improvement over the millennia. Long before schools were invented humans were teaching their young, and so eventually developed sophisticated technologies that made it possible for society to thrive.

    Sorry for the philosophical blather. My point is that SCI, and many websites like it, are prime examples of the human urge to teach.

    Which, by the way, includes the urge to inspire. Some posters display amazing examples of their skills (here is where the photos on SCI are particularly valuable!) without saying much about their techniques. Jaw-dropping examples of modelling skill do inspire us to improve our own skills, however basic or advanced they may be.

    The more explicit instances of posts that teach are easy to pick out. And there are a number of SCI members who excel at it. It is a rare week when there aren't posts that are useful to even the most experienced slot car enthusiast. (Which is in itself interesting, given that we are more than half a century into fussing with our little toy cars!)

    There are, of course, posts that are counter-factual -- posted with all good intentions, but factually inaccurate. (I've been guilty of that on occasion!) The great thing is such posts usually are followed up by new posts that supply better, corrective information. So, all to the good.

    Even in competition, where sharing information can hurt your own chances, it is common to find top performers who will help newbies learn the basics.

    What do the teachers gain from their efforts? Aside from scratching that above-mentioned human itch? They gain recognition for their knowledge and for their generosity. They get a boost when folks solicit their advice. In other words, they improve their standing inside their peer group, and so gain personal satisfaction. They also feel they are performing a needed service, and fulfilling a duty to humanity in general.

    So here is to SCI, for giving the teachers among us the opportunity to teach, and for those who are eager to learn that opportunity as well.

    Ed Bianchi

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    hear hear


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      Liked, and well deserved. Well stated.


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        Yeah, nicely put Ed, and spot on.


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          Where's that new Like button...?!!!
          +1 HO RacePro


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            Monkey see, monkey do. Isnt that how we all got into slotcars in the first place?

            Happy Easter!