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F1 - a Baku manhole cover sinks Williams?

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    Originally posted by DrumPhil View Post
    Instead ... he backed down..
    spot on.

    But he will get his elbows out at some point I suspect. I think he knows he has to.


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      Monaco qualifying highlights, here.

      Sainz did a good job with that McLaren to make the top ten. Albon impressed, also.

      Should be a good drag race up to Turn 1 tomorrow.


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        Confession time: I was actually hoping Max would get too aggressive and crash himself and Lewis out of the race in the late laps, thus letting Vettel win, Bottas get second, and someone different get on the podium for 3rd. Didn't happen. Sadly, there were few exciting moments, and Lewis's constant whining about his tires got annoying even to the announcers. But it is still stirring to watch those cars fly around the historic, little principality.


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          I have always found races where that happens deeply unsatisfying, even when my guys have benefited. The same when a car retires, and I could never wish for such things to happen.

          Similarly, the radio messages are something I can switch off in my head, same as I don't focus on anything drivers do out of the car. I guess because I started going to F1 races back when there was no team radio and not much post-race media attention, all you had was watching these guys race - so that is all I care about today.


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            Just to clarify, I wasn't wishing bad luck on Max or Lewis personally. I was simply, as a fan, hoping for some excitement and different results to shake up the rather static situation of this year. I would have been just as happy if Mercedes had given in to Lewis's pleas and brought him in for tires. That would have changed the order, and Max would have had to push to try to stretch his lead beyond the 5-second penalty. The driving would have become more intense.
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              Just my opinion, but Monaco is an old street circuit course that does not really lend itself well to the modern era of F1 car races. To get more excitement at that venue you need to fundamentally change the cars which could make Monaco more exciting but then kill it for other circuit venues. I would hate to see the Monaco circuit dropped from the calendar, so it just one of those venues where just need to suck it up that could be a very boring race. Now if the 90% chance of rain had resulted in actual rain, I think things were so close that it would have turned all around. A lot more chances for mistakes and people capitalizing on those mistakes.

              Hamilton's tires were shot and I thought it an exceptional drive to keep the position. Any other circuit though and I don't think that would have been possible no matter how good the driver.

              Anyone else pick up that for driver of the day Leclerc got 3rd most votes? What are people thinking? Probably the worst weekend racing he has ever had and would rather forget.


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                I never take note of the driver of the day thing once they took it away from Brundle, and made it a public vote.