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    You need to read the Autosport article that details the pre-meditation.

    Vettel isn't you or I. He can do things at 150mph we could not even guess at.

    The stewards decision would be solid even without intent. The move was dangerous, period.
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      "Gosh, all the back seat driving.
      Does anyone know how many seconds, if it was even that long, the entire off-track/on-track sequence took?
      Everyone acts like this was a pre-meditated plan. Come on.
      How many of you have had the rear end of your car come around on ice? Did you react and cure the skid or take time to look for cars behind you and plan how you were going to not get in their way?"

      I'm not back seat driving. I'm a fan who gets to watch the race and watch replays.
      Race car drivers know seconds and tenths of seconds ...... they are race car drivers. They go fast, very fast.
      There was intent after Vettel gathered the car. Watch the replay. He continued to drift out to the wall another few feet to keep Hamilton back or crashed. He knew if he didn't drift out, LH was bye bye...... Vettel choked, again. And I really wish that wasn't the case.

      This isn't back seat driving. It's the facts. The stewards enforced a penalty due to these facts where rules apply.

      Everyone has a right to express their opinion and how they feel. I respect that.
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        I felt all along that Seb knew just what he was doing (once he got back on the track). He and Lewis were racing hard and close, so he knew exactly where Lewis was. The racing line is obvious there, so he knew where Lewis would want to go. If Seb came back on track carefully and stayed left (as he should have, according to the rules), he knew that Lewis would go past him on the racing line and run away with the win. This was Seb's best chance to win a race so far this year, so he was battling hard to keep his chance alive. He went too far and got an appropriate penalty (in my opinion). I've been hoping all season long for someone other than a Mercedes driver to win some races, so it's disappointing. But at least we got to see hard racing up to that point. After that, Lewis knew that he only had to stay close to get the win. He had no incentive to take the risk of trying to pass.

        Purely from the perspective of spectacle, it would have been even more exciting if Lewis had not been able to slow down and the two collided. It would have ended their race and given the win to Leclerc, who could use some good luck for a change. He looks like a future champion waiting in the wings, and I am pulling for him. Time will tell when he gets his day.


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          Ferrari announced their intent to appeal shortly after the race, but there seems some doubt they could, and it was always just a sop to Vettel - they never actually appealed.

          But now they say the intend to pursue a 'right to review' which is basically asking the (same) stewards to look at new evidence they have with regard to the incident.

          I don' know if they are still placating their supposed No1, are trying to garner public sympathy and divert attention from their and his latest mistake, or genuinly have something.

          Reversing the result now would be farcical.


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            Originally posted by DrumPhil View Post

            Purely from the perspective of spectacle, it would have been even more exciting if Lewis had not been able to slow down and the two collided. It would have ended their race and given the win to Leclerc, who could use some good luck for a change. He looks like a future champion waiting in the wings, and I am pulling for him. Time will tell when he gets his day.
            I have always found such collisions, even when one of my guys benefits, deeply unsatisfying. I'd much prefer CL's first win come from beating Hamilton on car advantage and Vettel on pace. Could happen this Sunday!


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              I doubt it. CL hasn't been too impressive on race performance so far, more likely the question in France will be whether it's Bottas or Hamilton on the top step of the podium.


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                He was deeply impressive in Bahrain.


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                  March seems like so long ago, y'know?

                  I was referring to his overall performance since the commencement of the season - and at this point, Ferrari have to be wishing they'd been able sign up Verstappen or somebody similarly effective, instead. Ah well, c'est la vie, as they say ...


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                    It was less than three months ago.

                    I'd say CL is performing where expected. He is still in only his 29th F1 race, and 8th in a top car. Some of his results this season are misleading.

                    He was signed to replace Kimi, who was too slow. He has proved to be much better.

                    It is Vettel who is under-performing, for two years now.

                    MV, meanwhile, has just completed 12 months of deeply impressive racing. He will be thinking hard about a switch to red.
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                      Many people said over the winter that Charles was moved up to the Ferrari seat too soon - that he would make too many young-driver mistakes. As the season began, his impressive driving made most people drop their concerns about him and start expressing louder concerns about Vettel.

                      After a few more races, we have seen Charles make some of those youthful mistakes people expected. We have also seen him receive some bad results due to poor tactical decisions by Ferrari. On balance, I think he is performing quite well for his experience level, and continues to demonstrate good driving skill. Perhaps he is losing some motivation after realizing that the team is going to continue backing Vettel for this year. Hopefully he keeps learning and improving on track, while also learning how to gain the strongest support from the whole team.

                      I believe Charles has Hamilton-level talent, if nurtured in the right way to develop it. He should be a champion in the future, and it is Ferrari's job to develop him so he can win in their cars. If they screw it up (for example, by pairing him with Max), he will go and win future championships for another team.


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                        I agree with all that, except I hope they do pair him with Max.

                        That would give me four of the drivers I support in the best four cars


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                          Actually ... I agree with you guys, pretty much.

                          That was a well articulated post from DrumPhil, but I can't imagine a MV/CL pairing - Vettel is vital there at present, to be lead driver and 'best bet' so long as the car doesn't break; that's how Ferrari works, as an F1 team, as it is with many others.

                          France should be fun, I reckon!


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                            Vettel is becoming a liability. Last year he should of won the title, or at least taken the fight deep into the season. This year he has been mentally weak again. All this stuff with penalties and reviews is him trying to distract from the mistake he made.

                            I hope the red team decide they need a new leader. Since Max has been the best driver of the past 12 months, why not him?

                            Max instead of SV, Charles instead of Kimi, that is a big improvement in two years.


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                              Oh, I don't think Seb's career is over just yet. Everybody makes errors, doesn't mean they're cracking up. He's still a contender.

                              Meanwhile, F1 fans who have Netflix will probably enjoy David Letterman's 'My Next Guest' interview with Lewis Hamilton, most of it is quite good.


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                                Vettel isn't cracking up.

                                He has already cracked up. It happened in Baku two years ago. He has made lots of errors and shown mental frailty many times since.

                                This whole show with the review request was probably Mattia Binotto trying to propitiate him. Hopefully he will now supplant him with Max instead.
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