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Cleaning Tires with Tape

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  • Cleaning Tires with Tape

    Ever since I saw a Guy cleaning his tires with sticky tape (as its known around here) I have had my trusty block of wood with some tape reversed over its length close at hand between races.

    8" or so of tape doesn't last that long before the tire dust and grime builds up on it and it loses the effective stickiness. So its off to reload it once again.

    So that got me to thinking I need something a bit easier to manage, so here is my Tire Cleaning Tape Dispenser utilising a 48mm wide roll:


    Just thread the tape through the thimble, stick it down and roll it on with the tacky side up. Then just roll on to refresh it as required.

    Now just to print the parts and assemble... hope it works.

    Link to the 3D model
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    Hi Trev63.At our local club most use same tape for whole race meeting (up to 8 classes) and there are often multiple users. You have obviously put some effort into your dispenser but I think our 150 x 50mm board which can be used both sides if you wish quite adequate. I would be a bit concerned you might be transferring glue to track rather than just remove fluff and debris from tyres.

    Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)


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      Is it overkill, absolutely! Went to some effort, not at all. The design took about half an hour, just a bit of tinkering fun.

      Perhaps my track on the concrete floor of my shed gets a bit dustier than most, even though I run a vacuum cleaner brush over it before each days use.

      I can't say I have seen any evidence of the tape glue coming off onto the tires, but I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks for the advice.


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        My club uses peel and stick labels, they are about 4X6 inches. The first label has to be glued sticky side up to a board, when that gets used up a new label is placed on top of it. We call them Mongo pads because Mongo retrieved several hundreds of rolls of them when they were being thrown out at the place where he worked. We have been using Mongo pads at all of our tracks for years, some day we will run out of them. The ones that we have been using have printing on them, we might want to buy rolls of blank labels when they run out. For my HO track I use extra wide duct tape.
        I would certainly like to see a working example of the tape dispenser.
        I am not convinced that transferring the adhesive from the tape to the track is a real problem. People that use tape to clean their tires may see tire marks building up on their track and assume that it is the adhesive, but actually it is residue from the tires themselves. If it was adhesive the tire marks would be heavier close to the driver's stations and get lighter as you got further away from those. My experience has been that the marks are about the same all around the track, with perhaps more residue in the corners. If you are really ambitious you could strip your track down with lighter fluid to remove most of the marks, then refrain from using tape for a while. Most likely you will still see a build up of residue on the track. The tape does not get used up because the adhesive has come off, it gets used up because the adhesive is covered with dust.


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          I just use a lint roller. It's easy to roll the tires on it. When the surface gets dirty, peel it off for a fresh one.


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            Lint roller here, too.


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              Yep, lint roller here also.


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                A lint roller has a curved surface, it works OK if you have enough time to be sure you have gotten the entire tire tread. If you are in a rush a large flat surface is better. When I race HO cars all tire cleaning must be done while the cars are running.


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                  I have a piece of Carrera track hooked up to a power supply with a piece of cloth or towel wrapped around a piece of brass about an inch wide and 4 inches long, We soak it with AJs tire cleaner, put the car's guide in the slot and place the rear tires on the cleaning piece for about a second--and VOILA--clean tires. Works great. and, NO, AJs tire cleaner doesn't leave any residue on the track--it evaporates quickly and leaves the tire very clean.

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                    Just reverse the blue tape on the roll. Works great for HO and lasts a long time.


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                      Before a race .. Windex and wipe it with a towel. During a race .. spit and wipe it with a towel.


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                        Nice idea if you need it. Innovation always applauded.

                        As an aside - The rules for our "Nationals" - had, as CharlesX would remember, a sentence written into them by the organiser who was from my club

                        "No licking the tyres, because it grosses me out" Make what you will of the tyre cleaning habits of some kiwis......

                        We use double sided tape, each track owner of the half dozen or so we rotate around for our club/racing group, has a set of "tyre boards", one for each lane, which are loaded clean before the meeting, and the track cleaned.

                        None of our tracks are in very provocative situations for dust, so usually the tape will last the evening without needed refreshing.
                        We use stock brown packing tape, there is no transfer of the adhesive to the tyres. It holds itself hard on the backing, the dust and tyre marbles just transfer from the car tyres
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                          I use cheap duct tape, a roll fits in my tool drawer and I just peel 2 or 3 inches at a time and turn the end over to stick it back on the roll and that lasts a good few races and the roll lasts 6 months or more for the cost of a couple of quid.


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                            My HO track has one of these at each driver's station, I have a longer one that I take to other tracks.


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                              Hmmm, here's an idea. How about a sanding block with tape instead of sandpaper?