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  • Magnet Marshal 2

    Finally I have the new Magnet Marshal in my slot car room. Years I have chased after one of these and now I chase no more. Most of the 1:32 racing is magnet-less with my guys but we have entered a new era and converted over to mostly digital racing (Carrera track) where checking magnet down force will be even with all cars raced. Thanks Alan for bringing this wonderful tool back to us.

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    Now you need to move up to Carrera 1/24 cars. Totally different driving experience.


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      I'd love to have a MM2 to use to tweak my cars. Maybe Santa will get it for me...


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        I have the original Magnet Marshal. A great tool.
        Steven Cobb who created the Magnet Marshal, and worked with Alan used to race slot cars with us.
        Steven would create beautiful tracks using the Scalextric Classic track.
        Thank you Alan for the Magnet Marshal 2, and all the fun racing over the years.


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          Icemandecals- several of my friends also have the original and are well used. While they love their MM's they are drooling over my new MM2 because of how easy it is to change the battery. Literally remove one tiny screw and slide out/in one button battery in less than a minute. How fun the smack talk is around this topic.

          dw5555- that will happen very soon. It seems that you can always use more track and I have a relative that is selling me his Carrera set with two 1/24 GT cars in it; need the R3 curves included in the set. Didn't think much of it but since you're suggestion, I'm a bit excited.

          dinglebery- YES YOU DO

          I have a mix of old curmudgeons that won't even think of doing anything to their cars except occasionally change the tires and keep cars clean and young puddle jumpers that will do anything to get a second quicker than the other guy. Enter in the Magnet Marshal 2 and every eye is on the digital readout screen. While we all know there are many ways to "tweak" our race cars my MM2 has already become a great equalizer whether the cars a no-mag or digital.