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IHSR begins 25th season on 9/28 in Darnestown, MD!!

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  • IHSR begins 25th season on 9/28 in Darnestown, MD!!

    Check out the Interstate Home Slot Racing Club area in the Club Forum section for details about IHSR's 25th season kicking off on 9/28 at a member's home in Darnestown, MD.

    We always welcome new members, you'll not find a better bunch of guys with whom to spend a day slot racing.

    Because of the 'interstate' nature of the club, guys often drive an hour or two to race, so we only race on weekends, usually Saturdays. We always have class legal loaners for guys trying us out.

    Also, always looking for new venues in the Mid Atlantic area. Have a 3+ lane layout on which you are mostly running laps alone? Think about hosting a race or two in the IHSR season. It's easy and fun.

    To learn more about the club, please check out the forum; go to our website at; or email me at [email protected]

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    Last season I started attending IHSR races, and I enjoyed it immensely, even though I had done little 1/32nd scale racing in the past. HO has been my thing.

    I've found the IHSR crew to be welcoming, helpful and enthusiastic. The events are well organized -- good, friendly competition, free of the curse of domineering egos. Newbies get a ton of help, including the ability to run competitive loaner cars. There is no reason to feel excluded.

    Not to say there isn't a learning curve. In my first season I finished many races dead last, and had to be satisfied with a few mid-pack finishes. But I am working hard to improve both my cars and my driving, benefiting from both the examples and the advice from the seasoned pros.

    It is notable that there is no one perennial winner. There are a handful of top competitors who commonly finish at the front, but who wins is always in doubt.

    The rules and the culture encourage realistic, scale cars. The tracks are all road courses, both fun and challenging. Also commonly sceniked. Several of the members are expert modellers, and their skills are admired. Fielding beautiful cars is part of the fun.

    I should also mention that the rules for two of the four classes allow custom chassis designs. The body type, motor and tires are specified, and the overall width of the car is limited, but otherwise you have complete design freedom in chassis design. I love that.

    So if you are anywhere in the mid-Atlantic area, come on out. It is worth the drive.

    Ed Bianchi
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