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Racing starts in "The Paddock"

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  • Racing starts in "The Paddock"

    OK SCI Readers,

    Your not upside down "The Paddock" has evolved and is now the place to start your wonderful journey in the Fun world of Model Car Racing.

    This change will hopefully slow the off topic posting in othe Forums.

    Time will tell

    The Paddock is where you can discuss the finer points of Racing with fellow Racers Worldwide.

    Chat about tires, gearing and braking points on the tracks you race on. Find the answers to which motor works and why, which paint to use, and generally Chat about the fun hobby that is Model Car Racing.

    This is like the Pre Grid before you start the race, and where you can unwind after a hard day on the Track. Enjoy talk about anything to do with Motorsports, Slot Cars, Racing but please remember this is a friendly Racing Forum.

    No bashing fellow Racers, no Sex, Religion or Political posts. If it is not about Racing you have probably logged onto the wrong Site.

    Cheers and enjoy SCI.

    Alan Chief Marshall.

    Remember it's your Hobby too, Start a Trend invite a Friend
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    You're a clever lad, Alan Smith. For a minute there, I thought I was seeing things ...

    Best of luck with the new forum format ...


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      Thank you Allen!

      I don't get too much time to visit SCI anymore.

      But it's good to see your doing what you can to make SCI more pleasant for us!



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        Nice change

        Still read SCI but work and actually slot car racing have gotten in the way of writing....have to get back at it...will try to post more often...have an article in my head....Allan...well done nice new forum....what's next!

        GOOD day, eh!


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          The paddock seems the right place for my thousands of questions about 1/32 slot cars. It has always been a trial and error method with a few of my racing buddies having limited knowledge about what makes a car run well or not. One day the same car runs better than on other days. Could temperature on motors affect performance? Maybe , track temp could be more of a factor. Does anyone have a definitive answer? Help.


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            Just like real racing track temperatures will definitely affect a car's performance.


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              How come nobody can spell 'Alan' ... it's wrenching, I tell you!

              Just like real racing track temperatures will definitely affect a car's performance.
              Ah, I had been waiting for somebody to answer that one.


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                I couldn't keep you in suspense any longer Wet