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  • owner of lorne park hobby center

    Originally posted by chrisguyw View Post
    Lorne Park, A great Raceway!! was initially a 6 lane bowling alley, so as you correctly remembered, it was huge! As well as 4 great tracks, it had a Dragstrip that ran along the wall beside the "Glen". It was my first part time job.......if you call cleaning the washrooms and restocking the chocolate bar shelves, a job......anyway, it got me free tracktime, and a chance to learn from the "big guys".

    I think the claim that the Glen was the longest track in NA was in fact a bit of a myth, but it was right up there, and, absolutely gorgeous.!!.....the one track I miss more than any I have run on since.

    The owner (Earl?) Brownridge, was in fact the son of an American motors exec., either the Pres., or the VP Sales.

    I have looked for pics. over the years but have never found any..........will keep looking.

    Chris Walker
    my parents owned it ...Gary and Iris. My grandfather Earl was the President of AMC Did you find any photos?...... Jim Brownridge


    • Lorne park

      Originally posted by challenger View Post
      Lorne Park, was that Rigby's Hobbies ?
      Lorne Park was an awesome place , numerous different tracks , plush carpet , lots of room = last time i was there they ran an endurance race on a high banked oval for 1/24 stock cars - 6 hrs long with those big 36D motors melting down regular


      • I raced at Lorne Park Raceway which was in a huge room above the plaza. Four 1:24 tracks plus an HO track. When slot racing died off it became a pool haul.
        A friend of mine and I took the train and a number of buses (for about three hours) to get to the O'Connor track. That was my last slot adventure until I got a Scaley track birthday about 12 years ago.


        • lorne park hobby centre was the name


          • Lorne Park Hobby Centre My father owned this back in the 60s here's some info i found. I am Jamie mentioned at end. Still trying to find pictures of the tracks from back then. Brownridge, Gary Weekly 19670104 (5).pdf might not have added this attachment correctly ...will repost this when i find out
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