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    Hi Bob, Dan Camillari is now Dan Miller (has been for a few years) and he has been producing some of , if not the best open and eurosport arms (under the PK name), for several years.

    He is still active in the Hobby, and I talked to him a few months ago.

    To the best of my knowledge he has not built a chassis in 20 years or so (just arms), but his build quality was first class..............I was lucky, he took me under his wing when I was a very young teen, and he used to build cars for me to race in the early seventies for the 1/32 club stuff .

    Chris Walker


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      Originally posted by endbelldrive View Post
      Hi Cinny, there are two Mike Powers...both guys awesome racers.

      Dan Camillari, that name rings a bell. I bought one of his monorail chassis at the Purple Mile in 1980. It's the only time that I raced on one of those big 220' American Sovereign (Purple) tracks. It was at Yonge and Lawrence but closed down sometime during the summer of 1980.


      Well, my apologies to Joe Gutz Mike Power, I guess we were a bit older. Our Mike Power(MPower) was always the guy to beat in those days, especially while Grant Osbourne was building his cars. It was so brief I had forgotten about the Purple Mile. I also raced Stock Cars for a bit on the elongated Blue King style track in Newmarket during the mid-late nineties, where I remet Jim Toye. I was a wing car guy and the stock cars were strange to me. I remember one night in practice, I jumped lanes, called "hold Blue" or whatever several times while this guy drove me up the straight, through the bank and into the wall in the hairpin. Destroyed the car and I never went back.


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        Mike Power x 2

        Well, this little thread has become quite the source of information ! I have now been made aware of the existence of 2 Mike Power's. Long time friend Brant Snow ( also an O'Connor graduate ) informed me of the former O'Connor employee " Mike Power " and also Mike Power "aka" Joe Guts that I have been racing with for about the last 10 years at several local venues.

        Mike Power ( Joe Guts ) :

        some of you may recall his work as a stunt double in the " Weekend at Bernie's " movies, LOL


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          I think alot of racers have been confused by the name Mike Power - me included. To the Mike Power of O'Connor, I remember your name as one of the "Hot Shoes" running there. Forward to 1994 and I get back into slot car racing at Raceworld and meet "Mike Power but always goes by the name of Joe Guts". "Guts" did some racing at O'Connor and alot of other places (Leonards, North York, Jungle Jays) but he is known for racing during the Club days in Toronto. He was the Canadian Grand Prix winner one year (as he has told me many many times - LOL) and also won the US Nationals in Slot Drag Racing several years ago (beating Factory sponsored US drivers).
          "Joe Guts" currently races regularly at Mini Grid, Brant's Hatch and GP Slot Raceway in Toronto.


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            more O'Connor crew

            Just about all the people currently involved in the slot car hobby in the Greater Toronto Area can say they had some history with O'Connor. Here's some of the Brant's Hatch 1/24 crew :

            Victor Czerwony, Joe Guts ( Mike Power ), Chuck Ingram


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              Hi Chris,
              Wow...Dan Camillari/Miller is the same person? Whoodathunk. I haven't heard from Pete Sardella in awhile and a PM from challenger reveals that the turn marshall in that picture is none other than Drew Tarling! Boy, I miss the Toronto scene. There were/are lots of great racers who were a lot of fun to hang with.

              Bob Suzuki


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                ****! So, now I have a slot car again, I don't know what came over me. Must be some sort of relapse.


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                  don't worry Tom, it's a good relapse, I'm looking forward to racing with you again !


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                    Good grief, I feel like I've just time-traveled!

                    O'Connor's Mike Power and Tom Cinnamon on a slot forum? It's been what, 35+ years since we raced together at O'Connor? I've known Tom since that time, though I haven't seen him in a couple of years, but lost track of Mike completely in the late seventies!

                    Tom and I are talking about getting together for a meet soon. Mike, we need to do likewise! You're in Brampton now? I WORK in Brampton - PM me or email me (fergy *at* - I'd love to see you again!



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                      Fascinating reading this thread. In the 60's we raced in Rexdale (Echo raceway on Kipling Ave.). The Rigby's Hobby store had 2 locations as I recall the latter being in 6 points plaza (Rathburn and Kipling area). I also visited the Lorne Park track after Echo closed. Fast forward to the nineties my brother and I found "Wings and Things" in Kitchener that got us back into 1/24 racing. From there we raced in Brantford on a fantastic and fast track. Oh the memories!


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                        Minor, and miscellaneous, points...

                        I'm not sure if it was ever called O'Connor Hobbies - perhaps it was in the late years, after I left, but for most of its life it was O'Connor Raceway.

                        Oshawa Raceway had a superb track until the shop burned down. A bit of as blessing for the Toronto guys because we picked up their serious racers like Tom Cinnamon, Frank Grant, and some others.

                        Lorne Park Raceway was indeed in Port Credit. Lorne Park was actually the name for a specific area within Port Credit - might still be.

                        Rigby's Hobbies was indeed at Bloor and Jane but they never had a track to my knowledge.

                        The US tracks we visited were Grell's and also Brighton & Eggerts (Sp?) in Buffalo, as well as Parma, of course, in Cleveland. We were such die-hards around 1970 that we used to make the random decision late on a Friday afternoon (after meeting at O'Connor) to drive to Buffalo to drop in at a track and then grab a bite at Arby's before driving home again!

                        Man, I miss those carefree days!



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                          Wings and Things

                          I raced at Wings and Things in I believe 1995-1996 ? It was one of the monthly stops in The Ontario Championship Nascar Series. That's when a ton of slotcar stores were open, we raced at a different location every month. Newmarket, Niagara Falls, Fergus, Pickering, Ottawa, Kincardine, Kitchener, Thornhill. The industry sure has changed alot since then, the main focus commercially now seems to be 1/32 scale.
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                            Very cool...

                            Originally posted by Kirk
                            "Fascinating reading this thread. ..."
                            I totally agree although not having anything to do with what's going on! Man, do I envy you guys finding each other on a slot forum after so many years!!! How cool can that be?!?

                            May the good times start all over again for you slot diehards!

                            Cheerio lads!


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                              Rigby's track was in a dungeon of a basement. Only saw it once.

                              Lol, now I have 2 cars and buying another tonight. Gotta have the Aim Autosport Riley as I was Chief Tech and later Chief Steward for the Canadian Pro Ford series during the time that the Aim boy's were running. We became good friends and vist them often at Eastern Daytona Prototype and Star Mazda events.

                              Gotta get Fergy racing again!


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                                Fergy I raced at Grells and B&E. Grells was where the fastest racers played. I raced at B&E from 1967 to 1970. Then I came home from school and it was a carpet shop!
                                Does anybody remember Steels Hobby Shop in Niagara Falls, Ont.? They had a 6 lane home made wood track in a store across the street from the old farmers market (now city hall) back in '65.
                                In the '80's I raced in Welland, then at Skipp's place at Dunn & Drumond Rd. in the Falls. Raced in the Steel Recycling plant in Milton with Ernie and the boys, at Raceworld and the SRO.
                                Isn't it a blast to hook up with racers from our distant past
                                Ace Hobby Racing