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Closest realistic-lookng but still drivable 1/24 Dragster wheels/tires?

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  • Closest realistic-lookng but still drivable 1/24 Dragster wheels/tires?

    HI All,

    This is embarrassing ( ) ... I can't seem to get my head around it... ( )

    For a gag project I am building a car that is half top fuel dragster (rear half) and front end bus...

    It will not big a drag racer, it will have to go around a wood track, granted at a slower speeds.

    The track only allows PU and rubber tires.

    So I am trying to figure out what tires and wheels will look close but still be drivable.

    The problem I have is I thought I knew how to read tire and wheel dimensions and for some reason when I try to convert this to millimeters my brain is getting fried...

    Here is the official size of a rear dragster tire:

    It says tire size 36.0 x 17.5-16.... Now I know 36" is the diameter ((36*2.54)10/24=38 mm, right?) but I am not sure what the width of the tire is and what the size of wheel/rim is.

    I have not been able to find a reliable number for the size of the front wheels, though given the front looks like a bus just about any size would do.

    The supplier I buy from has almost any size of wheel/tire you can imagine. I can do 3/32 (2.38 mm) or 3 mm axles in the chassis I am using.

    Does anybody have real world tire/wheel sizes so I know what measurements (in mm) I can go for?

    I figured there might be some real-life racers out there that could give me the numbers.


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    Top Fuel - Funny Car tire dimensions (read like most all tire sizes)

    Outer (tread) Diameter - 36"
    Tread width - 17.5"
    Section (overall, outside to outside) width - 21"
    Wheel Diameter - 16"

    Dragster and Funny Car fronts are different and vary slightly.
    Dragster are 15" or 17" (dia.) x 3" to 4" (wide)
    Funny Car are normally 15" (dia.) x 4.5" (wide)

    Is this what you're looking for?

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      Thank you so much!
      I can do scaling (Excel is your friend) but I was struggling with the actual tire size...