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Alfa Romeo GTA resin body?

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  • Alfa Romeo GTA resin body?

    Does anyone know a source for 1/32 Alfa Romeo GTA resin bodies? I think I've checked most of the usual sources and nobody seems to make one.

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    I thought TeamSlot made one.

    I usually avoid TS as they seem slightly overscale.


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      Pity that postage would bankrupt you!

      I have this Teamslot one after the chassis had expired, after I modified t too much.


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        I think most of us have been using Fly bodies.


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          Perhaps the nicest GTA body made was the Auto Art car, who are no longer in production. Ebay may be able to help. I am a sucker for the under dog and just like the stance of the Team Slot car over all other models even though it is over size. It just looks right in my mind compared to photos from my youth via Autosport. The GTA could have some serious body movement when cornering leading to great photos.


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            Best of luck finding one, someone really should pop one either of the AutoArt or the Fly. The Fly's are getting pricy so I think that means the demand is still there. You would think that one of the successor companies to Fly would still have the molds and release one although I doubt it would be much less expensive but some of their chassis are very tunable so it would end up in my stable anyway. The AutoArt car seems to me to be more accurate scale wise and with some replacement parts can be improved dramatically. Plastic tires!!! Certainly an odd company to be sure....


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              Thanks to everyone for their comments and info. For now, I've bought a slightly used Team Slot GTA (Alpes 1966) that was fairly reasonable. I will also keep looking for either a Fly or Auto Art GTA at a reasonable price. If I find one I will consider making a mold, or maybe I can talk Dan or Luf into making one.