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looking for wheels/inserts/tires

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  • looking for wheels/inserts/tires

    I'm finally getting around to some long standing projects: building 1/32 scale Lotus 23 (Russkit Super Leggera body kit) and a Lotus Type 14 Elite (Pendle resin body pulled from a Super Shells original).

    Relatively true to scale, as with most Lotus cars these are incredibly small cars. Probably easier to convert a 1/43 Artin Chassis for them than anything else, but my real issue is wheels/tires.

    I haven't checked, but I believe the original wheels on the actual cars were 13" (possibly 14), with the Elite mostly having wire wheels, the 23 usually had wobbly wheels.

    Looking for some suggestions for wheels. Most I've looked at are way too big, diameter wise...both visually and in a practical sense in getting them free rolling in the body.

    Any suggestions for proper size wheels? I've got some wobbly inserts from BWA I can probably use if I find the right wheels.

    Ideally wheels for which rubber and/or urethanes are available.

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    Slot Car Corner sells CB Design 14X6, 14X7 and 14X8 insert wheels.


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      Try RS Slot Racing in the UK. Similar to BWA wheels.