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Source for 1/32nd Scale Hard Bodies

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  • Source for 1/32nd Scale Hard Bodies

    I have just started building cars to race in 1/32nd. I have been scratch-building the chassis/running gear, but I have not had a source for hard (injection molded) bodies. I did manage to buy one off another racer, who had a box of slot stuff he was selling. That one cost me US$5.00, which I thought was reasonable.

    When I look online for bodies I am seeing them for US$20 or more! For not a lot more cash I can buy whole new ready-to-run cars!

    Can anybody point me towards a less expensive source for bodies? I do need ones that come with an interior and driver figure.

    Ed Bianchi

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    Depending on how much realism you require...

    Goodwills and other thrift stores can sometimes have toy cars that are the appropriate size. Trucks seem to be the easiest to find. Detail can however, be lacking. But at speed, who can tell anyway?
    BTW, if you are really lucky you can find 1/32 model kits at a thrift store or on craigslist.



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      Toward (no "s"), cheaper bodies than current kit prices, good luck..!
      As was said, Good Will type stores, swap meets (maybe), but good swap meet kits will be very close to retail prices.
      Man-up, if you want it, open your wallet.

      Oh yea, every now and again, there's guys here on this board that build nice 3D printed bodies of varying types. BUT, you'll spend every bit of the $20 on a bare body and then need to buy the kit for the finishing parts, bumpers, windows, etc.



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        I did a few searches yesterday to see what might be available in 1/32nd scale. There are perhaps five possible sources of bodies, slot car bodies, model car bodies, toy car bodies, resin pops of slot car, model car or toy car bodies and finally 3D printed bodies. The people that make RTR slot cars are not eager to sell just the bodies, if you only need a body you will often have to buy an entire car. From time time you might happen to stumble across someone that has a spare body that he is willing to part with. eBay can be a two way sword, someone might list a body that he just wants to get rid of, on the other hand he might be holding out for some absurd amount of money. In any case it does not hurt to check from time to time. The second option is model kit bodies, have you checked on what new model kits are selling for? When I was a kid back in the dark ages they were a few bucks, now the can be $20 and up. There are still NOS vintage model kits hanging around and a fair number of old kits have been re-issued recently, but they are not going to be cheap. I noticed that the price for the same kit can vary considerably depending on the seller. Toy car bodies are something that you need a little luck to find, some of those can be quite nice. I expect that thrift shops, tag sales and dollar stores would be places to look, but once in a while big box stores may have something interesting. There are a fair number of resin casters out there and many of them do great work, but resin casters come and go and casting is a time consuming process, so the bodies are not cheap. The next great thing is 3D printing and that holds a lot of promise. The original body could be a slot car or model kit body that has been scanned. The right software allows the body to be re-sized, so the original can be a different scale than the final product. For now there are a couple of obstacles with respect to 3D printing besides learning the software. One problem is that the body will have print lines, or at least a rough surface, especially if a less expensive printer is used. Often the material will resist sanding, making the prep time longer. The other problem is that it takes a fair amount of time to print a body and time is money.
        Many slot BBs have a buy, sell or trade section, you could keep an eye on those and also post what you are looking for.
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