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  • Scavenging

    I am a collector's nightmare. Any car I buy gets taken out of its package, run -- perhaps raced -- and then I start working on it, trying to improve it. No car keeps its virginity around me for long.

    This has included such unobtainable classics as pre-production Aurora Super II's. (They are long gone. Please grieve quietly.)

    The same goes for my scratch-built chassis, only worse. Few such projects make it from concept to completion in their original form. Almost as soon as I start fabricating I'm making changes and tweaks, usually work-arounds for fabrication issues, but also because I get struck by mental lightning and decide to make improvements on the fly.

    My most grievous sin in this direction is my tendency to cannibalize past project chassis for parts, to be used in my latest project. Rather than fabricate new parts from scratch I'll unbolt or desolder those components from an existing chassis and re-purpose them in my nascent chassis.

    The sad carnage left behind is reminiscent of the ruins of ancient civilizations, echos of lost glory.

    In the video "Superspeedway" the narrator says that racing drivers typically feel little affection for their cars. What they love is racing. And their teams expect them to "wring the neck" of the equipment. Let it be a smoking wreck at the end of the race, so long as it wins.

    So maybe I share some of that. I can admire my own work, but if its performance is wanting, its only value to me is as parts.

    So sorry collectors. I know you are in pain, but I don't feel it myself. You'll get your cars from folks who bought them and forgot them. That's not me.

    Ed Bianchi

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    Personally, I don't consider it scavenging. I consider it to be cost effective repurposing.


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      Amen Ed. I am in that group as well. Since getting a Model Motoring HO set in 1964... I quickly discovered that Xacto knives rocked!, nothing HO related stayed stock for long. If only I had $aved all that $tuff!

      -Jeff Morrow


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        My conscience is clear. I made amends by applying Henry Fords assembly line mentality, to Vitale's Aurora restoration process. My dues of yore are now paid in full, and then some; so a little bout of guiltless mayhem now and then is permitted.

        Like Gerry, I recycle or re-purpose dang near anything, and everything. If it's in my trash, it really is trash. I reckon it's generational thing.