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  • Home made wheels

    Here is my 1st try at making a wheel on my new lathe...

    shown on back of car...
    This is made out of delrin as a 1st try. The real ones will be out of aluminum.

    The inserts are Ninco.

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    Hey those are pretty cool! Do they take a long time to make?


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      homemade wheels


      How long did it take you?


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        jjlove I will be soon making my own wheels too. What kind of lathe are you working with? I have been looking at the CENTRAL MACHINERY precision 7''+10'' mini lathe. At $370. I think it would pay for it self in no time. they also have one that's 4''+5'' for $260.
        Would love to hear more on your thoughts about machining wheels. Keep up the good work.


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          Great work Guys.

          I admire anyone who can create much needed parts for this Industry.

          Please do not forget though that if you are going to sell and promote on SCI you need to become an Advertiser.

          Rates can be very affordable for small Business.

          And with over 106,000,000 hits last year we do get the Traffic.

          Get in touch if you intend to go into production with your wheels.

          I am happy to promote to SCI Readers via the SCI Marketplace anyone with a product to sell.

          Can also discuss Distribution if you intend to go bigger scale.
          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            I am using a Sherline 4500 table top lathe that I picked up from the owner of the track that I race at. The 1st wheel took me about 1/2 hour to make. The next ones will go faster. Right now I am just playing around.

            Here is a link to the Sherline...
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              I had some time to play around some more. Here is a rim for Fly trucks. Man the delrin is much easier to work with but the aluminum looks nice...

              Bare rim..

              Rim with Ninco rotor installed...

              Rim with Ninco rotor and hub cap installed...

              Complete with tires installed...


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                meme love to. Your wheels look good. The lathe that I'm thinking about is from I would give everyone a link like you did, but don't know how.Keep turning out those wheels.


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                  Great work!