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    It looks as if you could do a little corrective shaping to the pods before you enclose them to get the radius profile against the tires correct. Then you could take styrene and rough cut the shape and glue it against the outside edge and then file and sand them down to blend them into the pods. Once the glue is dry, you can trim and sand to get the pods to the level of perfection desired.

    Use filler as necessary, prime and paint.

    Nice project.



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      Thanks for all the help guys. I placed some light plastic in the openings and now all Ihave to do is to trim the excess off smooth over and prime. I decided to leave the ends straight and just run it that way. I picked up a fiberglass one one Ebay with the ends closed off and it is stright cut too. There is one of the fiberglass D50's over in England I have my eye on to replace it. Photos to come as it looks better. I did cut out the holes for the exhaust and it would have been much easier to do it before assembleing the sides. Moose


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        No need to ADD material to make the radiused tank ends, just radius what's there. It only takes a few seconds with a small half round file or, an appropriate sized (wooden broom handle) wooden dowel with sand paper wrapped around it.


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          Well today was our monthly race at one of the drivers houses. I had the Lancia/Ferrari done enough to race. There were a couple of other cars there that I made that were new. In total we hade 20 NC1 50's & 60's GP Cars there and 4 VRAA proxy cars there for tests. Here are some photos of the nearly complete Lancia/Ferrari D50. The Lancia came in second for the most laps in 3 minutes, it has some more fine tuning to go. The wheel inserts are Ocar that I had left over. Enjoy and thanks for the help. Moose

          Sorry for the blurry photo in the last one.