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  • Tamiya Mini

    I picked up this model already painted.I added decals and built a new interior and brass tube chassis. SCX rally wheels and tires, Scalextric 16D motor.
    The SCX rims are 1/32 but they seemed pa pretty good scale for the Mini

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    That looks great. Nice simple chassis. How does it handle?


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      Thanks HRB
      It handles pretty well. Fun to drive. A little top heavy because the interior is a little heavy. Next time I'll use thinner sheet plastic and plastic tube instead of copper for the roll bar but it is quick out of the corners due to the small wheels. I may add a bit of lead around the bottom of the chassis for more grip and lower centre of gravity.
      I just soldered brass tube to the brass bearings and made up the motor mount/bracket with some tin snips. There's only about 10 pieces of brass in the whole thing.
      I see you are from Burbank. Do you ever go to Bob's Big Boy there for the car show? I was there a couple times when I was visiting a friend there. Some nice cars and one guy had a cool firetruck too.
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