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Need Help Identifying 60's Set

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  • Need Help Identifying 60's Set

    I'm just getting started in this hobby again, this time with my 8 year old son using the new Scaley Sport Track. It brings back memories of a slot car set I had in the 60's: The "track" consisted of pairs of rounded (aluminum?) tubing, connected only by small pieces of black plastic with a small hole for screwing down the rails. In other words, there was no plastic "road", the cars rode directly on the plywood table top. The layout I had consisted of 2 interweaving ovals, with 2 banked green plastic "mountains" on opposite ends of each oval, which also served as an overpass of the other oval. The cars I had were early F1 type, and I remember they featured carbon "brushes" rather than wire braid for electrical pick-up.

    Anyone of you guys remeber such a set? I can't remember the manufacturer.