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D-Jag and a Carrera Myth

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  • D-Jag and a Carrera Myth

    I just ran my Carrera D- Jag with the following mods:

    PMTR 1500 with 8 tooth pinion (I did not want to pull the pinion so I changed motors)

    Ninco F-1 crown gear

    BWA wheels
    Ninco Cobra Tires
    Lowered body

    Comments: The crown and pinion change is worth it! The thing is a joy to drive!

    Now to debunking a myth.

    I have a small oval setup with timer and everything.

    People say that moving the Carrera magnet to the extreme forward position is like running without a magnet. I want to run my D-Jag in a non-magnet class against these guys if that is true.

    Here are the times!

    1.582 seconds (magnet in the forward position - 25 lap stint with this being the best time).

    1.840 with no magnet in a 200 lap stint with this being the best time.

    1.840-1.582 = .258 seconds that is a lot on the little oval. My best oval car is my highly modified Porsche 917/10 and it is in the 1.4 second range. That forward position still provides downforce and enough that I wqant to run against you with my Carrera if you think it does not do anything.