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  • Rixvette 240Z

    I just received my Rixvette 240Z kit in the mail. I have a few resin kits on my to-do list and to be honest I didn't quite know what to expect when I ordered this. I'm amazed at what a nice casting this is and how light it is compared to other Resin bodies I have. The kit includes the body, windows, decals, and interior tray. I have Paul Newman's biography on my night table for bedtime reading so I think I'll move this kit up in the cue and get cracking. Looks like his GTP 'Vette will be a winner if the quality of the Datsun is any indication.
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    Doc, the 'window decal sheet' is the actual windows. Cut out the acetate and glue it into the body.


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      Cool...thanks for the tip.


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        Looking forward to the pix DrV. The GTP Vette is on my wish list.


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          Waiting for both the 240 & Vette. Got my HRS chassis on the bench ready to rumble. But I have patience (just a little)


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            patience . . .

            here , also . my GTP is comin` i can feel it ! soon , and powerd by a orange 21,500 , bushings axles wheels tires guide . doin` a 962 #5 coke car to run with the vette . it`ll also be on ricks chassis to be a true stable mate !



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              I shot some primer today.

              Experimenting with automotive rattle can paint for this car.


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                Ooooh, ahhhh.

                Lookin' good there Doc


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                  Doc, you make my resin look good. Still refining the GTP. You might want to paint the red on the sides of the body. I have done a test with the decals and there might be a problem. The door area fits great, the fenders are another story. The hood and trunk area are fine but the roof has the driver's name on the wrong side. I will send you another sheet, Doc. I am going to modify the decal sheet when I finish the tests.
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                    That's just my first primer coat. The automotive primer I'm using has great filling properties which really smoothes out the finish of the body once sanded. I plan on painting the red and blue panels. I had good results doing that with 2 colours on my BRE CanAm Z. How much harder can the three colours be?

                    I'm planning on making my Rixvette Z a Paul Newman car so if you have a chance please add his name to the decal sheet.

                    R.e. the GTP 'Vette: you can't rush quality. It'll be ready when its ready.
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                      Wet sanded the 240z last night.

                      Shot another coat of primer this morning.

                      I was able to fix a little divot in the tail with some Milliput.

                      I used the extra epoxy putty I mixed to reinforce the rear valence.

                      This area looked a little vulnerable and I want to be able to race this car - possibly in the CanAm if this build works out ok.

                      So far, so good. More sanding and some spot putty to come...

                      I'll pass by Canadian Tire on my way into work tonight to pick up some automotive white and red paint. I don't want to mix Tamiya paint I normally use with the automotive products on the off chance that things frack up. Besides, I have enough shopping points racked up at Canadian Tire that the paint for this project hasn't cost me a penny.
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                        Looking good Van. Interested in seeing the finished car. Hope things are well with you. Dave B


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                          I assume you are doing this livery?

                          Going to look great. One of my all time favorite cars and favorite drivers!
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                            Hi Dave - back at ya! I've been super-busy at work with the Olympics. Working on this car is a great way to decompress when I get home. Shot my first coats of white tonight:

                            Needs a bit of fine sanding then I'll start with the red and blue. Yeah LateBraker, a Bob Sharp livery is what I'm going for here in the end. Though, I want to put Mr. P. L. Newman's name on mine:

                            I've got my work cut out for me in terms of masking and maybe some custom decals, but I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.


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                              Love it, can't wait to see the finished product. What chassis and motor are you going to run?