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strombecker interest?

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  • strombecker interest?

    Anyone interested in Strombecker and the history of them
    or cars in general. CG

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    Strombecker Interest ?

    Sure !

    Waay back when tyrannosauruses ruled the earth (back in the 60's) Strombecker was the first slot car set I experienced ...

    And for "home" racing... was my "gold standard"...Didn't know about Scaly or Carrera (my current standard ... for track ... because it reminded me of Strombecker ...


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      Oh yes..the good old boys at Strombecker...<sigh> 5.95 RTR cars...(3.95 as kits) that figure 8 set up with the midget cars..TONS of fun there...

      Seems like another world from here..


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        I have 70 feet of track, 2 power supplies and 4 controllers that are my first 32 scale set. I have the 50 lap dial lap counter too in the original box. This was set up in my garage for the last two months. It is all new to me. I did not race them in the 60's I raced it now. I have put it in a box and am setting up a Carrera track now. I think I will hold on to my Strombecker though. It is sturdy and in excellent condition.


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          I have several Strombecker sets, one in the original box . Does anyone know where I could get a LeMans Start track section, I had one when I was a kid.


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            I have/had a lot of strombecker. Good times.

            I read about the hobby in '59 and started scratchbuilding cars and track. My first car was a 1/24 Strombecker Mercedes 196 F1 car that had stuff to do it as a "rail racer". I was living in a small town in rural New Mexico, but it had a good hobbyshop with these cars.

            I didn't know anyone who cared!

            In 61, we were transferred to the Philippines. And I still did a few things running my track, one lane, and building odd ideas.

            Anyway, when we came back stateside in '63, outside of Travis AFB, I found a shop with....Strombecker 1/32 cars! Bought all they had: the infamous nylon chassis Testa Rossa and D Jag with the big round mabuchi.

            And, within the year, I actually met another slot car guy and could RACE!



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              I got my start with a Strombecker set, sold by Sears under the Allsate brand name. It was a two lane figure-8, power by a 10VA transformer in a tin box. No wall warts in those days. Car were a Cooper F1 as raced at Indianapolis c. 1961, and a gorgeous Watson roadster with a six-car set of decals, most of which found their way onto various cars through the years.

              EJ's Hobbies sells lots of NOS Strombecker parts, and copies of their brass plate chassis in 1/32 and another in 1/24.

              When I started racing (or was it just driving?) with the grownups, on a 90 foot Scalextric track, one of the faster cars was a Strombecker BRM, the kind Graham Hill drove to the world championship in 1961.

              The old Cooper and Watson were modified until there was nothing left of the former, but the roadster still runs, to this day, albeit with an AB Slotsport steel chassis, and a standard Scalextric motor:

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                Hkyfanatic.... Run the cars on your Carrera track if you still have them.

                Macknnc.... They are still ton's of fun.

                ModelTrainGuy.... I've never had Scalextric but i know they run nice
                on Revell and Carrera, with the Rubber and Silicone tires available
                they have no tire spin and corner nice and move around the track
                if your using the original motors, nice vintage speed.

                Challenger.... Nice group of car's, i'm curious do you run them on
                the routed track?, i'm considering doing that. Sorry no Lemans piece.

                Prof Fate.... Do you still have any of your cars?. I have one of the
                early Testa Rosa front engine Grey can motors with the semi full driver
                compartment the four piece driver bust which i would like to get running.

                Robert.... Your Indy car is really nice, i have the top and bottom from
                two different cars and all the body parts except the windshield and i
                may paint mine Red. Mine is missing the rear bumper but i picked up
                a parts box along the way and there was a cut up Indy body with
                the tail section which had the bumper still intact so i cut it off and
                hope to attach it to mine. I know EJ has parts and the last time i
                looked he had the whole body kit for the Indy car and there is a person
                making Glass kits Exhaust and other parts for a few of the cars. CG


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                  Actually, I do have at least the remains of pretty much everything. I have several of the TRs and Jags that are complete and various versions. I have the remains of the 1/24s in need of restoration, the Mercedes and the Lancia as well as a few of the Merit bodied cars I did back then, about 1960.

                  And, the "roundtuit" part, I broke down and bought a digital camera with the intent of posting pics of some of these things....but havent. I keep getting distracted with prepping a car for an upcoming race!



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                    ProfFate.... You need to get the camera working i would like to see
                    the cars. I would like to see the Merit cars also. I can relate to the
                    "Roundtuit" but, you know. Thanks CG


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                        I have my first strombecker track and cars and have questions.

                        First, I am so happy to discover this forum and subject!! I know I'll find answers to my questions here.
                        I have bought at a garage sale, my first Strombecker slot car track and cars.
                        At the moment I have discovered I need new tires for 1/32 cars , and these tires are just a smidgen larger than a US dime. and much narrower than I see being used at tracks today. Where can I get these from?

                        I need track pins that hold the track sections together, where can i get these?
                        Controllers repaired or replaced?

                        What lubricant should I use with the motors and axles?

                        There are two extra strombecker motors, where can i get chassis and bodies?


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                          Strombecker LeMans Start track

                          I would like to say thank you to Hkyfanatic, I mentioned that I was looking for a LeMans Start track section and now I have one :

                          now the patrons of the " Wild Goose " restaurant can have valet parking


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                            That track never looked so good. Glad to be of service Jim.


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                              the Le Mans start section.
                              could Carrera make one?