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  • Plafit 1/32 Chassis

    Hello all,

    I was in Professor Motor last year and these chassis were displayed. The clerk told me that they were very popular although I have never seen a review on one. Can anyone tell me what they run like on routed tracks?
    How so they compare to Slotit's HRS?
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    No one?

    I can't believe that no one can tell me about this chassis!


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      Try a Google search for Plafit chassis, I found this:


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        On a routed track, glossy surface, sponge tires, hard bodies. They rock.

        Totally adjustable for changing track conditions. Body mounts are adjustable to a range of bodies.
        Wheelbases are adjustable.
        If your competition is using flexis or other types of chassis, they'll be lobbying for rules changes after you start killing them with these.


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          I have three of these, mounted under three SCX bodies, the Aston Martin DBR9, Corvette C6.R and the Ferrari 575.

          They run very well on my wood track with foam tires, with a bit of suntan lotion rubbed into the tires for traction (no glue on the track surface).


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            I think the message is the Plafit chassis is not ideal for competition with plastic cars of the Slot.It or NSR type. They are quite heavy; they require a higher level of grip than dry silicone rubber, or urethane tires can provide, and so you read that they are great with treated foam tires. I could be wrong, but that seems to be the drift. However, if you want smooth, solid handling, they are excellent even with dry tires . . . just not as fast as a lighter, all plastic chassis can be, with those tires.


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              I am building a single lane hill climb so I am not competing. I did try Keys and Slots NSR 917 and it is my new benchmark for great slot car handling.

              For my PSK Matra shell, I want a smooth, great running chassis with a good turn of speed. I think I will try one of these.

              Thanks all.
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                I put one of these under an NSR 917 for the CanAm Proxy Race. It is a great runner - just not quite as quick as the NSR 917.

                Make sure you get the version with 3/32" axles and bushings. I think you will like it.


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                  Are ya pulling tree stumps with this thing?
                  Look at that motor....


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                    Originally posted by rubber2ice View Post
                    Are ya pulling tree stumps with this thing?
                    Look at that motor....
                    Terry, This is a regular FC-130 (Plafit rabbit) motor in a Plafit super 32 (1/32) chassis......that is why it looks proportionally bigger than in the 1/24 chassis' that you run......perhaps you missed the heading of the first post.

                    As mentioned, they are not lightweights (100 gms. for a rolling chassis + body ), but are smooth and handle very well. I have been running a couple of them for the last 2/3 years on both plastic and wood and they are just fine with either silicone or urethane tires.......when I do run them on "glued" commercial tracks, I make the switch to sponge.

                    Early versions of the chassis came with 3ml. axles etc., but the more recent North American versions were switched to 3/32.......ask your supplier for the 3/32 version, as this obviously makes gear/wheel changes easy.....the moveable motor mount will allow the use of a wide range of spurs from Slot-it, NSR, etc.



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                      NSR Plafit chassis

                      dr vanski, When you put a Plafit chassis under a NSR Porsche 917 bod, did you need to use any option parts like their 1.5 axle blocks? Thanks.