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Custom Scalextric Cars 2 Finn McMissile slot car

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  • Custom Scalextric Cars 2 Finn McMissile slot car

    Part of the Cars 2 mega marketing machine are a set of 4 1/32 size pull back and go toys of McQueen, Bernoulli, McMissile, and Mater. McMissile was cool, and looked to be the easiest to convert, so I picked it up. I was going to try and put a motor and gear on the original chassis but that looked too hard for me to do. I dug through all my cars and found that the Audi TT was the best match for wheel base on this toy. Quite a bit of plastic surgery later and the Audi chassis fit well under the McMissile body. Using some epoxy putty, I made new screw mounts for the chassis and put it together. Here's a video showing it running. It's a digital car, and so can change lanes on my SSD track. There was plenty of room for the chip in its original location, so I didn't have to mod that at all. I'll try to get some pictures of the chassis and body later, once I get a better mount for the front, which I had to remove the original screw mounts from the chassis.

    [ame=""]YouTube - ‪Cars 2 Finn McMissile Scalextric Slot Car Custom‬‏[/ame]

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    That's pretty cool. It's cars like this that will get kids hooked.


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      That is cool. Nice job!


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        Nice job on that. Where did you find the cars?


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          those toys are available pretty much everywhere that Cars 2 toys are sold, which is pretty much anywhere that sells toys. they're not hard to find at all.


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            I just bought one of these at Toys R Us last week. It is on the bench apart. A Scaley Mini chassis will fit. I also got Lightening McQueen. He will be more difficult as a shorter wheelbase.


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              In the "News and Reviews" sub-forum there is currently a thread about thingies.


              I think this car qualifies.


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                That's cool and right up my alley.

                I gotta get me some.

                I just bought the red anodized CB Design stock car wheels especially with a Lighting McQueen project in mind.

                How are the scales compared to other 1/32 slot cars.



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                  They're as 1:32 as any toy car I've seen. Like I said, the Audi TT chassis fit perfectly.


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                    Wow that is an ultra cool modification makes these cars 2 toys much better.