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  • Vac body interest ??

    Does anyone still play with vac bodies? We are about to do an F1/Gran Prix series, using Carrera GO!!! truck chassis.

    We've got a bunch of bodies being formed, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in something specific.

    There's a few in my gallery, but in order to save space I've put some pictures of our ware's at photobucket.


    personally my fav's. Check out the louver's

    I'm not looking to make a fortune, let's get serious, but recoupin cost for the plastic rolls would be nice. I re-sell up at teh bay, and for fair prices you can find out.

    If someone wants multiple's, let me know we're gunna be pulling again REAL soon.

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    What scale are they? I might be interested in 12 and 14. Ken


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      all are 1/32. sorry slipped my mind


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        How much? What are they made of? How thick?

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          descriptions fail

          I'm just judging interest level for now, no sense making bodies without a market. These that are posted are blem's and I'm told could go for $5 per pair. Now as they get better, and you can see they are, we might bump price. I'm trying to keep it at hobby level for now.

          The plastic is somewhat thick, but I don't have an unpulled sheet to measure from. The bodies I have here are .010"-.007" after pulling. I'll call later and get more precise info on the make up and prepull thickness. There's some thick clear that we can pull from, but not much of that left. If people want different thickness we might be able to do that too.

          Great questions! Thanks!


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            There is interest in York.
            Clear would be cool,......after seeing the paint damage from last week
            NASCAR trucks a possibility ?


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              less shipping if home track is open

              Not ruling them out. We'll need to get some molds made up, but shouldn't take too long. 1/32 as well? Any other requests for 'em? body style, roll bars, etc... I dunno the specifics with those, but willing to learn...

              The machine is big enough for those Star War's Storm trooper body parts. I'm thinking bout asking to do those as well. Fun Fun Fun!!!


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                Could you do something as large as a 1/32 scale Mustang? If so, I would be interested in some Capri (same size as Mustang) bodies. What would you need as a mold? What material would the mold have to be from?


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                  decisions decisions

                  You mean Mustangs like these? One was a product of 'blow-out' as another mold had a large hole and ruined a pull. The other not so much. There's more of these, and they have more detail in them. It usually takes a few trials to get a perfect pull.

                  - removed the old mustang pics -

                  ALL those cars are 1/32, so size isn't much of a factor. we pull about 12-15 bodies per when we do pull.

                  Molds are made from a heavier rubber type material then before, and about 3-4 cars are needed to be ready when making them. We've got wooden molds as well as metal die-cast with foam filled in tires and windows.

                  If you've got a donor car you'd like us to pull, we can work with that as well. Usually the car doesn't get destroyed, but sometimes the materials don't like each other, and the original can be ruined. I've donated a Fly 512 to this process, and we're close to a pull from it!! There's also a Large 1/24 School bus that I can't wait to see finished.
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                    The only proxy race on SCI that currently allows vac bodies is The Last Open Road (TLOR). Rules require 1954 or earlier sports and GT. Some of your bodies could be used for that race. However, opaque plastic poses some problems because the windows must be cut out and replaced!

                    Personally, I like vac bodies as long as the basic shapes are correct. I can detail them myself.

                    I can recognize most of them, but what is this, please?:
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                      Originally posted by Robert Livingston View Post
                      I can recognize most of them, but what is this, please?:
                      Looks like a 1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B
                      It appears to be over scale width, possibly a copy of the Betta shell. (I think their Classic glass fibre shell of the same car is scale width)


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                        tail wagger

                        That's another fav of mine!! I'm pretty sure you're right about it being an Alfa. I've got a list of question's for the master when i speak to him next. Maybe I should call him.

                        I'm not totally sure, but I think the mold for this one is a wood block. He carves and shapes them from looking at and taking measurements off 'current' bodies. That is if he's doing it that way. Recently we've been molding direct from plastic clear ones to get more detail.


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                          Does anyone have a 1/32 Gremlin to mold? I cannot find a model kit or die cast in that scale. I guess it is my "White whale.


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                            phone tag

                            Got some answers:

                            the material is Styrene. thickness is 0.020 to start.

                            Capri - we don't have a body for a mold. yet.

                            NAStrucks - we have a Ninco to look at for size, but there's some toys out there that might be closer to scale, and less worry as to the loss of body. we'll keep looking. unless you got a donor, or two.

                            AMC Gremlin - will be tough to find in 1/32, but some work on a larger scale one and a close one could be had. we'll see.

                            The Alfa Robert asked about was made to fit a Womp, therefore it looks out of scale. Made from a wood mold, c'Mon that's worth something right??

                            Hope some answers helped, and keep those questions coming. Extra molds are being made of the Merc's shown in the first post, and pending other's interest level more will be made of others.

                            19 new bodies will be made up soon for molds, so give us a few days and more will be showing up!

                            Thanks again everyone for your interest! Glad we're not the only ones playing with these things.


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                              Nice selection of stuff. Once you start doing these in clear I'd be quite interested in a list with price. Actually, those without windows it doesn't really matter what the material. I'd think that thicker plastic would be the way to go with clear bodies. It would also be nice to know the width and wheelbase of these bodies so we can match them to extant chassis.