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The Car From Hell... Peregrinations of my Trans AM Falcon

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    The more I check it out the more I see!
    Great touch on the Tach and the window framing is superb.
    Body trim is looking very good as well as the grill & front detail.
    I'd love to ask some questions on the body mods.
    Check your PM.


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      Attention is being brought to this car again. I have to add that I love the title with your word smithery. Peregrinations - nice play on the falcon but it also sounds like something that would be awful like the troubles you had.


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        ABSOLUTELY beautiful work! That is one very cool car!

        ...'course, I've come to expect no less from you!



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          You should do this car. We have plenty of Mustangs and Camaros. Time for something different, and cool.


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            It is hard to believe that this is where the car started life as a 1/32 die cast.


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              Look for this under Will the TA Falcon Fly?

              Sorry posted it in the wrong place

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                We had one too

                Originally posted by ckyle494 View Post
                Looking good there, for my first car I had a '62 Ford Falcon/Futura with a 170 inline 6 and a Fordamatic 2 speed transmission. Your car there would run alot faster than the one I had and handle hundreds time better also...

                Thanks for the memories of my old car!

                PS. it was black also.....and I was
                My mother once owned a '63 Falcon Futura hardtop. What made it so special was she bought with her own money. It stayed with the family until about the late '60's.


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                  Originally posted by mgtracer View Post
                  Here is a sedan delivery that didn't "officially race", but I'm sure it blew the doors off of some unsuspecting stop light racers.
                  Wow MG I had never seen that movie or this car! I was so nuts to get rid of mine. I bought it from a retired Riverside Budweiser distributor delivery driver that drove it in the 60's. The 4x4 bug got me and it was down to replace the 170 6cyl. with a built 302 and my wife said if I wanted a Early Bronco (66-77) I had to "get rid of it"...... funny how wife's are about these things...
                  Later I started building old Bronco's and had 6 at one time! Our "BedRock Bronco" was featured in a 4x4 mag in 1996. Here is a pic of one I did a full build on for a hunting friend a couple years ago with my custom off road "BedRock" paint.

                  Thanks for posting that Falcon Delivery.... where is that at??
                  Bronco Barney


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