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Anyone for vacuum formed interiors?

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  • Anyone for vacuum formed interiors?

    I am inspired to post this plea because of a want it ad on our marketplace asking for a lightweight interior for a Fly BMW. As a non-mag analog racer I really like the optional vac-formed interiors and have always wanted more detail to paint than those lousey Champion slabs we are forced to buy from the LHS and other outlets. Has anyone with a good vac-form tecnique made interiors for their cars? Really? Anyone out there?
    I think there's a market for the NASCAR, TransAm, and possibly the new CanAm cars we all have. I'd like to see it done so you could still glue the helmet head back on from your RTR like the SCX pro cars have. I think it should be simple. All did was to copy the plastic one with a little clay filled in here and there to keep it feasible. I have an old Mattel Vac-U-Form toy I use on small things like windshields but the interior is beyond my scope. Anybody make them? I think there's a market besides just me. It can lower the center of gravity without sacrificing the detail. If you paint it. Nicely.
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    The Ferrari F40 vac interior is nice and fairly versatile. Just cut off the engine detail for your front engined cars.


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      Thanks Van, but I don't expect an answer in 20 words or less. I kinda like to match the interior to the car. Ever been in a Ferrari? Not at all like the Impala. Ahm just sayin......


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        Fair enough. Fits the bill for more modern GT cars though.