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1974 Le Mans Martini Porsche RSR Turbo

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  • 1974 Le Mans Martini Porsche RSR Turbo

    Here are some pictures of my re-livery of a French Scalextric ref: 090105 Porsche 911 RSR

    The re-livery is based upon the 1974 Le Mans 2nd place Martini Porsche RSR Turbo of Herbert Muller & Gijis Van Lennep. I made a few detail alterations to the body; including drilling out fuel fillers and the engine cover around the rear. Other than that its all remain standard, body wise.

    I’m using the car in my local slot club pre 1980 Sports/GT class, so the running gear has been adapted to deal with NSR Ford P68s; a favourite among my fellow club members. The Porsche uses a HRS chassis; NSR King Evo 21k motor and pinion & crown.

    To reassure vintage purists, I used a very battered old bodyshell for this project given to me by a freind at my local club. The yellow example in the pictures is almost mint and shall remain in its original condition!

    Many thanks for looking.

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    WOW Dave,

    that`s a great job!

    I have here a similar conversion, but built from a Carrera Universal 132 Porsche.

    Congratulations again,



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      Wow! Nice do-over. I give it . What did you use for the gearbox detail?
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        Thanks for the feedback everyone. Dr V; I used the rear end of an old Fly 908 - not exactly accurate, but its just intended to give a little visual interest. Here is another image; this time with the door mirrors attched - forgot to fit them for the earlier photos..

        Thanks again.



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          Nice job, it turned out great!