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    I have been playing with the idea of producing this car in resin. I have started the surgery by cutting a Carrera 2011 Camaro down the center to narrow it. The next step will be to cut the fenders off and push them out to the final width of 2 1/4" and add the wing and front fascia. It should look something like this.
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    That would be sweet, I'm not much of a GM fan, but I'd have one of those


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      I am not a fan of the new Camaro, to me the front end is too stubby and the roof is too squashed down. I would buy this version of the Camaro if you decide to sell it, we run a class for cars that can use a HRS chassis. There might be a problem getting the guide flag inside of the body, but the HRS2 has a seperate holder for the guide flag.


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        That comes to mind when I set the body on one of my HRS chassis. I don't like short guide lead set-ups.


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          **** another body to buy off you, if it looks like the illustration I'm in for one to run against my ford. So i would assume just the HRS 2 and original carrera chassis would solve the guide issue?
          I may have to check my rixvette chassis database to see if something else might work!!


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            I will have to take the time to research the bodies to chassis list so that my customers can feel free to order several copies of each body.
            Chris, the body will not be shortened so the original should do well, if you are into Carrera chassis.