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1967 Strombecker McKee Mk 10

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  • 1967 Strombecker McKee Mk 10

    Our club, (SS32 Toronto) has voted in a CanAm class for our 2012/13 season, with eligible (hard) bodies coming from the 1966/74 seasons.

    There is a fair bit to choose from, especially if you include some of the models produced produced in the late 60's....Strombecker did a Lola T160, McLaren Mk1, and 2 versions of the McKee. these are fairly easy to find on the auction sites, and Dave at RMS does some lovely repros in resin. (along with copies of Aurora's Ferrari 612 and McLaren Mk12).

    Anyway, I am lucky enough to have a few of the originals from Strombecker, and decided to start with the McKee MK 10..........not the prettiest car, nor, very successful, but after seeing "Frank Capua" (Paul Newman) drive it in the 60's movie Winning, I always had a soft spot for it.

    The Strombecker vesion is easily as ugly as the original, and from a performance perspective it is long and very narrow, so not the ideal shell for a killer car.

    The body is essentially stock, although I did make up a few bits (mirrors, rollbar, aluminum intakes, exhausts and trans. cover).

    It sits on a modified AMT chassis, which in my opinion, was the best 1/32 non scratchbuilt brass chassis of its time.

    Initial runs have been very promising, with competitive times set.

    Chris Walker

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    Nicely done sir, I like it!


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      I'm afraid I can't share your comments about the McKee being ugly. Your model of this car is anything but ugly.

      I find this an exquisite model of the original that had it's own charm.

      Nice job!

      What's next?


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        very nicely done ! I have several of those bodies at home, all are missing one thing or another. The colour choice is perfect, the original blue is quite dark, I really like this livery.


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          Nicely done! I got to examine this car up close and personal a couple of years ago, and I'd say that you've captured it well.


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            Very nicely done!! I got to see it at Road America with the other McKee's. I like it!

            Marysville, OH


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              Has to be seen in person to fully appreciate. Great job Chris


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                Very nice!