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IMSA Motorsport Zakspeed/Roush mustang

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  • IMSA Motorsport Zakspeed/Roush mustang

    This is my 3rd brass build. The 82 IMSA Motorsport Zakspeed/Roush mustang.

    "In the late 1970s, Zakspeed was the official Ford team in the German Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft (DRM) series, a predecessor of the current DTM. The company constructed and entered an FIA Group 2 Escort and the Group 5 Capri, based on the MKIII production model. During this period, the Zakspeed team achieved a number of victories including the overall championship in 1981 with driver Klaus Ludwig."
    "In the early 1980s, Zakspeed also prepared a Mustang for Ford USA's Special Vehicle Operations to race in the domestic IMSA Camel GT series. The Mustang chassis was based on the Group 5 Capri."

    This is another kit that I found at the flee market for $5. I'm still working on it, so i'll just show the progress as of yet.

    I started with the intension of running this with some BRM Porsches. Which is why I went with the BRM 27,000 motor. I also wanted to make it a front engined(motored) car, keeping with the 1:1 tradition. So I picked up a 2mm driveshaft w/coupling meant for a 1/24 Carrera car. It's running a Scaleauto 35t crown gear/ 9t pinion. 3mm BRM axles/bushings. BRM wheels which match the actual kit wheels perfectly in style and in size.

    Lots of blue tape for the mock up.

    and I was playing around with the idea of break away body parts with Velcro. But realized it would be better to reinforce the body with epoxy. Connecting it to the floor pan with plastic dowels epoxied to the underside of the body and screwed into through the floor pan.

    I drilled out the turbo scoop in the hood and filed and sanded it smooth. There is a piece of plastic underneath backing it.

    Was planning to use these holes to attach the chassis to the top and bottom of the body, like a sandwich. But they ended up becoming holes perfect for suspension. I had been intending to keep this car rigid but it just ended up working out better with the suspension. Actually, at first when I decided on the suspension it was going to connect both top and bottom of the body. Then I figured that I didn't want to disassemble the suspension every time I took the body off. So now it is only connected to the bottom(floor pan).

    But before I did that, I tore this apart and re-soldered the entire rear axle/rear end assembly. Wanted to make it truer and also stronger and more stiff for the suspension.

    The action in the suspension. Its quite firm.
    with a little extra on the bottom because the body is not really mounted

    Cut out the hole up front for the guide. Suspension is is at 3 points, at the guide and in the back at the 2 points. I used the springs from the quick release axles of a bicycle.

    Here I've re-built the rear end and built up around the drive shaft using a triangular zigzag structure. It helps the chassis from flexing as it pivots from the front contact point. It also helps balance the weight of the motor. As of now it's pretty much balanced 50/50. But we'll see what it is when all is said and done.

    Had to lower the front axle just a bit. Took out the bar I had it on and replaced with two slightly shorter/lower tubes. The axle is still a bit off square, but it's better than it was. I'll go in and fix when the body is finished and mounted.

    Added tubing to the rear when it was redone. Rear plastic dowels screwed into from underneath. And rear springs are tightened down with screws into dowels meant to attach to body above. This was before I changed the plan for them. I want to use small bolts with nuts instead, but have yet to pick any up.

    The underskirts have to be sanded down.

    Here you can see the rear springs have been loosened and the dowel was cut down. Now just need to replace with said nut and bolt fixture.

    Body goes in for a few more final coats of Tamiya pure white. My makeshift spray booth...
    I picked up some dark blue today to spray the lower portion of the body. I think I should finish paint, decals and clear coats before epoxing the interior and the mounting dowels into the body. I'm guessing masking the windows from the inside with the role cage and all will be difficult if I paint after.

    Here you can see I've painted the role cage silver to make it more noticable after I paint the insides of the doors matte black and to make it blend more with the brass tubing. Thought about painting the brass to match, but I'm not sure that's the way to go.

    And the dash, steering wheel and seat are glued into place.

    You can also see the body mounting dowels up front. A set for under the headlights and a set for under the dash against the inside of the fire wall.

    Also notice the reinforcements on the narrow places on the front end. I've glued the plastic bars down but still plan on using epoxy to strengthen it there as well as all around.

    This is what I've done up till now. Hope you enjoy the process and progress as much as or actually half as much as I have. I'll be sure to add as I get more done.

    As of now I need to finish the paint, Epoxy the hell out of the inside of the body connecting it to the mounting dowels, take the chassis out and re-solder the front axle square, exchange the screws in the rear suspension with nuts and bolts, spray the under pan silver again and sand down and mount the underskirts. Too bad I'm going to be swamped for over a week and won't be getting much done on it. I've only spent about two weeks thus far and should be able to wrap it up as soon as I get back to it.

    Thanks for looking/reading! Feel free to let me know what you think, Thanks!

    BTW is this the epoxy I should use???
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    Like it!


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      Um....WOW!!! That's some AMAZING work!

      Can't wait to see the completion of this one!



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        My favorite Mustang of all time! I will follow this build very closely.


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          Thanks guys!

          Here is a pic of my first build wearing the new inserts donated by the mustang's kit. Had to cut them down a bit and they fit like a glove. I was going for the dirty well raced look...


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            The dark blue Tamiya spray paint I picked up for the lower portion of the car was a bust. It's pretty much an ultramarine when what I need is a dark phthalo blue.

            Here is the sample, I'm trying to match the dark tone.

            Also wanted to show the BRM wheels next to the model kit tires to show how similar they are.

            Here is front and rear wheels.



            Has anyone else purchased these BRM wheels and noticed the large divet in the side wall? It's only on the rears. Think I'll have turn them around and buy the stickers they sell for them...


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              Mate that looks great, I'll be watching with interest.


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                Originally posted by Cranecar View Post
                Think I'll have turn them around and buy the stickers they sell for them...

                Which stickers? I have some in a box, not sure they'd be Goodyears though. Dunlop or Yoko maybe? I'll look if you're interested.



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                  Thats a nice piece of work


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                    Nice work and documentation!


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                      Nice details, like the use of the undertray along with the wire, very, very good, job


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                        I've made a little progress recently with the paint and decals. But haven't glued it all together yet.


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                          Wow! That looks fantastic. Did you clear the paint/decals? What did you use?



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                            Originally posted by ckouba View Post
                            Wow! That looks fantastic. Did you clear the paint/decals? What did you use?

                            Thanks Chris. I did, I used Testors GLOSSCOTE Clear Lacquer over the decals and the Blue Angel Blue model master enamel which is over pure white Tamiya.


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                              This is the only video I've been able to find which has the Mustang in it. It's shown during the beginning of the video in the background montage while the race sponsors are being introduced. I love these old races, Have watched a lot looking for my Mustang and a lot just for the enjoyment and history.