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George Turner Models Maserati 4CLT

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  • George Turner Models Maserati 4CLT

    Here is my latest build, the George Turner Models Maserati 4CLT

    The car is finished as the 1949 British GP winner driven by de Graffenried,
    though quite how accurately it is finished I do not know, as there seem to be few good detailed shots available. This is so often the case.

    This model uses the resin chassis as supplied in the kit. The motor is a Scalextric FF, the guide is Ninco.

    As with most models I build, modifications are made. The body has been lowered a little, the nose has been slightly modified and the (included) chassis had the guide mount altered to suit my preferred style of guide.

    The wheels are of course my own, the front tyres are Scalextric, the rear tyres are Vampire.

    This car was raced for the first time last Saturday and was very good to drive.
    As with all cars it took a little getting used to, but unlike many cars, persistence was rewarded with continually lower track times.

    As with all the GT kits, this one was a pleasure to build and a second future build is now very likely.


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    Very nice job Peter. Is the paint almost a flat color of red? It looks the part of a nicely finished raced model.


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      Hi Peter,

      Another beautiful build and the model has perfect stance!


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        The paint is an Acrylic spray paint which has had slight attention from normal auto buffing compound. It just takes the 'as finished' shine off enough to tone down the finish a little.