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    I just picked up this vintage 1/24 RSK. Does anybody know who the maker is? How old it is? I was thinking of giving this a nice paint job with my new airbrush but somebody told me I should leave it as is to save the original look of the car, is this nonsense? Does anyone know what kind of tires I could get to run this well on Carerra track? Thanks, Nate

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    That is by Revell. I think it is from the mid to late 1960s. In my opinion it is not that rare- but that is just my view-if anyone knows different,speak up! If I owned it ,I would paint it. Having said that, it looks fine as it is-it's in great condition.


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      As Ted says, definitely Revell and not that rare but nice nonetheless. I'd say paint it, it will look much better. At the very least detail it, painting the cockpit and driver will make a big difference. These were sold as kits after all and were destined to be painted by 1000's of children all over the world! Go for it! And if you make a nice job it will be worth more.

      For tyres try ortmanns or Paul Gage, they will be fine on carrera track.