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    Thoughts on slot car driver figures...

    Originally posted by Headhunter View Post
    Very nice. The expression you captured is priceless, intense and gruff.
    One of the things I like about this particular form of slot racing is the "moment of suspended disbelief"... the brief moment when the "toy" become "real". To help this takes a realistic driver. It's not as important with an enclosed car as it is with open cockpit cars like the Alfa. My biggest gripe over the years with RTR slot cars are the awful drivers manufacturers supply with their cars. I get it that the design bucks spent in a car's development are best spent making the car look (relatively) correct. That being said, IMHO having a bad department store dummy sitting bolt upright in the cockpit of an open car for me spoils the whole illusion of a a race car in miniature. I have been a professional photographer at vintage races for nearly 20 years. I can tell you the only time a driver looks like an RTR driver is (maybe) when he is sitting on the hot grid meditating, or calming his mind before a race. (see pix).

    In the past I have used drivers from various sources, LeMans Miniatures has some pretty good resin driver figures, Proto supplied a driver's pack with a number of better figures. I've even modified Tamiya military and other styrene figures to look more lifelike. Thanks to Marc Tyler and Immense minatures, not only do we have really great driver figures, we have celebrities. You need Jim Clark for your Lotus? He's got Jimmy. Need Graham Hill, Jack Brabham or any of that era drivers of the era IM supplies them. I'm in to Pre WWII cars so I'm really glad Marc's first effort was my personal favorite, Tazio Nuvolari.

    No matter the figure or the source, the key is animation. During a race a driver's head and arms are moving constantly. He's looking into the next turn, checking for the apex, looking at his mirrors and gauges. Also when going into a turn, his head, arms and hands move in coordination. Turning left? The driver looks left, his hands and arms turn the steering wheel left.

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      Sweeeet! Great job Greg.