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Stirlings 1954 D-type Jag

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  • Stirlings 1954 D-type Jag

    Well, here we go then, my one and only Jaguar. Scratchbuilt!

    Sir Stirlings 1954 Dunrod TT race D-Type Jaguar Short Nose. Number 20 car OKV3. This was a works car, one of three aluminium chassis D types made and was the first D to actually win a race at Reims in 1954. Incidentally the car still holds the record for fastest recorded time (for a D) down the Mulsanne straight at Le Mans at 187mph. It currently belongs to Vijay Mallya.

    The chassis is Protoslot steel front motor chassis, and as you can see it's an ideal fit between those tumble home sides of the Jag. A full length Stirling Moss driver was added, a Protoslot/Immense Miniatures mix, and a fully detailed cockpit was built and installed.

    The car is a scratch built, with a EXCELLENT body and wheel inserts from John Warren

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    Gorgeous, stunning, Oh man,,,,is it rude to ask to see the bottom?


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      Agreed! Give us the naughty bits. LOL.

      Such beautiful depth, it brings tears. It doesnt get prettier than that. Could you please tell us about that "dive into it" finish.


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        What he said.


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          Here's the rude bottom, while under construction. The chassis is a steel unit from protoslot.
          The motor is a rare Sakatsu unit.

          The finish? White Tamiya primer sanded smooth. Then 4 wet coats of Tamiya British Racing Green, then polish out witn Tamiya finishing compound (which you can only get now from Japan, but it'll only cost $7 on EBAY including shipping.

          The trick is keep everything super clean, and heat the can in very warm water. And spray outside and wet coat the entire car. Finish off with 3 coats of Tamiya Clear Gloss. (wet coats) then polish out any imperfections with compound.


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            I thought it looked cut and rubbed. Excellent!

            Thanx for the follow up.


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              Thanks --it looks great and appreciate your painting tips --now I'll have to send another order to John.

              The chassis choice, I think will be less sophisticated as it will have to run in a 'class' with rules already written!!



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                Beautiful job (but that's no surprize considering the builder) I may have to reconsider building a D. My very first "home built" slot car was a 1/24 D Jag with a Merit body and Pittman DC 703 motor but I have never done one in 1/32. The D was a small car (good thing too since despite its aerodynamic "look" the drag coefficient was about 0.50!) and the rear track is narrow - 48" - not the recipe for a fast slot car but it is one of the most beautiful racing cars ever - and I don't drive that well anymore so it really doesn't matter! Time for a note to New Zealand.



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                  Hi EM you will be very pleasantly suprised. Johns shells although slip moulded are extremely thin consistant in thickness and strong. He also has the correct inserts, plus you can build the car as a team car, customer car (no fin) long nose, or sand a litlle and you've got a short nose.


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                    Gorgeous as always. I'm working on modifying an old Strombecker D Type and I hope it turns out even half as good as this one is. Excellent!!