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    An old 1/24 scale Scratch build. Body is from a Monogram kit and chassis is full frame stainless rod. Not designed to win races but she's a looker

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    Nice work on the chassis. I like the idea of the two hooks at the rear for body attachment. Allows for adjustment and float, not that your car will be drifting around any corners . Looks good .



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      Dave -

      Nicely done.


      Mike -

      For what it's worth...the two body "hooks" are real. That is, full sized Funny Cars have the same basic "hooks".
      It accomplishes a few things -

      1. Yes, a little body float. The Funny Car chassis is a big spring and moves around during the course of the quarter (1000') mile. The Crew chief doesn't want the $12,000+ carbon fiber body either getting twisted and bent to the point of breaking...or influencing the chassis movement.

      2. It's designed much like Dave's "hook" so the body is easy to remove after a run for engine rebuild, (after every run).

      3. If the engine explodes (like they sometimes do), and the front or middle of the body lifts during a run, that part of the body can easily come off of the chassis to it doesn't influence where the car/chassis will go as it goes down the track.
      Though in the last couple of years, there has been changes to the front body mounts/locks that lessen this possibility a bunch.



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        Thank you for the explanation on the rear body mounting on the funny car.
        The real life design also offers another possibility for a means to attach a slot car body in tight quarters.