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    While reading Bill's Model Murdering he made mention of my Cobramite restoration project, so I thought I would share it here.

    I received a bare Cobramite Chassis from a fellow Brass builder, and I needed to recreate the plastic pieces. So I took some liberties and did a redesign as well as worked on the fitment of the components. Here is a pictorial of the build:

    Here are the original parts:

    Here is my take:

    Side by side:

    Finished build top:

    Finished build bottom:

    The hubs, axles, and wipers were also parts that were machined for this project. I ended up doing three builds altogether. The wipers are held in place by a snap feature of the top block. The wipers themselves are stamped out of a sheet of bronze. They are modeled after the Tyco Pro wiper.

    Thanks for looking,

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    Very nice and I am not an HO guy.


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      Am not sure if you should race it or put it on a gold chain & wear it around your neck.

      Maybe both.


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        Real nice work,Chappy! I can remember the days brass cars like this were,well more common.
        People liked building scratchbuilt H.O. just the way the bigger scale guys did.