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The old crew from Buena Park Race way.

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  • The old crew from Buena Park Race way.

    I though I should share this with the guys that are into Retro racing?


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    Very cool.

    While not one of the retro racers -

    I "started" back in the mid-late 60's. Fast Wheels Raceway in Covina. One of the guys I raced with, drove an early Pontiac hearse...Gil Gunderson.

    We raced till the shop closed, and basically, so did I. A "little" messing here and there when I'd find a raceway that wasn't too far away from where I lived.

    Then MANY years later, I walked into Buena Park Raceway one Saturday (second trip there), who do I see racing with the fast "Wing Car" guys...the same Gil Gunderson, still very recognizable.
    Took him a minute, but he finally recognized me (I look just a bit different than in 1966). We B.S'ed for a long time, brought up all the old names and places from the old...days.

    I haven't made Buena Park Raceway a regular stop...just a bit too far in our cr&ppy SoCal traffic.

    I understand he moved into the mid-West somewhere.

    Thanks for the reminder.