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Metal T-Jet guidepins - 3D Printed in Stainless Steel/Bronze

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  • Metal T-Jet guidepins - 3D Printed in Stainless Steel/Bronze

    Mail call: 3D-printed metal T-jet pins in stainless steel/bronze just arrived from Can't wait to cut them apart and polish up the pins for track testing this week. I'll have to use a dremel cut-off wheel to separate as the metal is too tough to snap them apart (a very encouraging sign)! And perhaps a quick polish on the pin to eliminate and potential stress points.

    For the next release, I'll try to gan up more to drop the price, but may also add more of fillet behind the pin for added strength, and perhaps thicken the pin to allow for deeper polishing. We'll see. Hopefully my boys will help get some track testing in shortly and report back.

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    They look cool. Do they have the alignment protrusion on the top side?


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      This first round doesn't have the top protrusion. I have found that I don't need them with the plastic pins. And many times they don't seem to fit quite right, so end up grinding them off anyway. And it it might make them near impossible to print due to the process used.

      Just cut them apart and polished them up a bit for track testing. So far so good!


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        I had used some of the JW's Aluminum/steel T-Jet guide pins on my Aurora TJ modifieds. They worked well, as we were breaking the plastic pins because of all the torque off the corners with the A/FX based drive train - 6 ohm arms, Super II magnets, 14T drive pinion, and huge aj's "Radicals" silicones on the rears, with similar sized rubber tires on the front. All mounted on aluminum wheels, of course.
        The Long Island group I'm racing with now (LIMCRA) prefers that we not use metal guides on their PVC routed tracks, so we're sticking with plastic (original type, nylon, or delrin) guides, including the A/FX Magna Traction/Auto World X Traction classes.
        One of our tracks is a big AFX (Tomy) road circuit that I can use deep metal pins on. Maybe you can bring a few samples to the Super Bowl show, and I can present them to the racers in the club. Perhaps a local market for you?

        Enjoy... Ernie :>)


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          Hi Ernie, I'll have at least 2 samples to show. One of the first three was sent off to a friend for testing on his track. I polished my remaining two for track testing - and will post results shortly

          I've thickened the pin by 15% to allow for deeper polishing, and sent some new files off for printing, but not sure they'll be back in time for the superbowl show.

          - Jim