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1/24 Pcb Carrera Digital chassis 2.0

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  • 1/24 Pcb Carrera Digital chassis 2.0

    I originally built this out of styrene a year ago and it did work but the body was much to flexible.

    After reading about Pcb boards I though this was the way to go. Everything was built basically the same as the styrene but I replaced the boxed brass adjusters with steel rods and it is much stiffer as the chassis adjustment got longer. The chassis ride height is adjustable in the front using the adjustable axle blocks and in the rear using shims under the motor pod. Overall I'm very pleased with the performance. It's very close to the 1/24 Carreras GT/Dtm which was my original goal so I could expand into cars that Carrera doesn't produce.

    I made sure I made it long enough so I can finally make a chassis for my 69 Charger R/T & my nemesis Bro in laws 69 T/A that were from my younger years. Still have the drag racing ticket to prove it.


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    Hey Dave, that looks real nice.I thought the styrene one ran pretty good so I look forward to giving this one a test drive
    Can you post a bottom view ?
    And how is the motor pod attached [glue or screws] ?


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      Well thought out, great workmanship, and very cool.