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F 150 Race Truck for Overlook Raceway Park

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  • F 150 Race Truck for Overlook Raceway Park

    I kit-bashed an AMT Charger slot car (1/25 scale) with an AMT Ford F 150 pickup model kit (1/32 scale) and ended up with a new race truck at my basement slot track called Overlook Raceway Park. I used the metal frame and running gear from the Charger slot car kit. I cut up the pickup so the motor would fit in bed. I opened up the wheel wells with a sanding drum on my power drill and added wheel flares with some spare plastic sheet and putty. Hood scoop was made from scrap bits of plastic.

    I used an old plastic pilot figure as my driver. Had to do some surgery to get him to fit into his new race truck cockpit.

    The front grille was opened up to improve air flow by sanding plastic off the back - works great.

    The 1/24 AMT slot kit provided a wide track chassis that made wheel flares necessary. Lots of putty and sanding required to make them look decent - here it's in process.

    Partially finished interior set on chassis.

    Rough pickup body set on chassis for test fit.

    First coat of primer is on, still need lots of sanding, polishing and finishing.

    Driver does fit into the interior.

    Still need a seat belt to keep the driver safe.

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    Finishing F-150 Race Truck for Overlook Raceway Park

    Paint is now on body, bed cover and front splitter.

    AMT chassis ready to put under the truck. The front tires are from an AMT 1/25 plastic kit (Dodge Caravan, I believe), sanded down to a lesser diameter.

    Chassis mounted under the pickup body. A couple of button magnets were added to help with road holding in the corners.

    Some of the decals were a bit old and look rough around the edges. Oh well, they'll get really banged up once we start racing anyway.

    Almost ready to go - seat belts on, window net up, time to fire her up.

    Finally, we're on track and rumbling past the pits at Overlook Raceway Park.

    Hope the photo of our new race truck turns out okay.

    Our truck looks okay and the fans seem to think so too but handling is still pretty shaky - need some serious tuning to get lap times down into respectable territory. I'm not sure that this AMT metal chassis is really all that good but we'll give it a try. Here's a link to my Overlook track:
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      Nice Work DW
      Hope you get it running the way you want it and enjoy it for a long time.

      I think we need a couple of trucks around here.


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        Navy and maize is always classy!

        The stance .... the fitment .... very sharp build.


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          Glad you like the truck, 2FER and Model Murdering. By the way, I like your Model Murdering moniker - very appropriate for the way I customize models and slot cars too. Happy slot racing.


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            That is impressive.


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              nice truck that is an awesome build


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                Looks great!

                Nice truck! You did a great job there.
                I have projects I need to get back to work on.


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                  Thanks radtad and noddaz. Looking forward to seeing your creations soon. Watching what other people do here on the forum always sparks new ideas for slot car projects.