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Great new track in Pasadena Maryland

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  • Great new track in Pasadena Maryland

    I would like to take time to tell everybody about a first class track in Pasadena Maryland (Phase II Slot Car Racing, LLC.) that is operated by a classy family who have invested their time, effort and money into a place that everybody can be proud to race at. I made the 170 mile trip from my home to this track yesterday to purchase some parts, play on the track and watch some great 1/24th and 1/32 slot car racing. Greg, Sharon and (sorry I forgot your name) her husband were all there doing everything possible to see that everybody had a great time. I got to play on the track, purchase the parts and enjoy some great racing from drivers from Maryland and New Jersey. I know that there are a lot of racers from the area of Maryland, Virginia, Penn and New Jersey and I hope that all of them support (each in their own way) this great track. While the store is still fairly new and the list of parts are not really that extensive Sharon will be glad to order anything that a racer could want and yes there are quality parts already on the wall. Since I live in an area that only has two Hobby Towns and they think that Scalextric is the only brand in slot racing I have had to mail order almost everything I have bought. I plan to make this place the source for many of my orders because they are super friendly and they have invested so much to provide area slot racers with a class place to spend a day or night.

    Hope to see many of you, in the area, at this track

    Spencer (Mayberryman) Wilkinson