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  • Bfos 2k5.8

    The final race of the 2K5 season will be held in Leslieville on Dec. 10th. Specific details will follow, but the proposed format is 100 laps with open wheel cars on a 4 lane, super speedway configured track.

    There are still 3 or 4 grid positions to be filled, as my garage contains only a few open wheel cars.

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    BFOS 2k5.8

    I have 2 Indycar Dallaras to add to the mix.


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      I owna a grand total of zero open wheel cars. Should I break out the dremel?



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        I can add two scalex older style F-1 ...... Renault and Mercedes. I haven't driven them in ages, but I remember them as being mag-rockets. They really hammer round the track, but when the limit is reached there is no warning, they just crash. Anyway, I'd be glad to offer them up as entrants if required.

        Look forward to some Oval Madness, Alfonso!


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          Prize Car


          We currently have Champcars and F1 cars available from Carrera, Scalextric, SCX, and NINCO. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get a hold of the team AYB Carrera F1 car, so what would YOU like to see as a prize car for this round?

          Also, based on advanced calculations performed at Dr. Vanski's Institute of Slot Car Safety, if the next tournament is run with 7 drivers, 4 cars, and 75 lap heats, each driver will amass a whopping 548 scale km of racing distance. Heats of this length would take 6 minutes to complete averaging 4 second laps around this circuit.

          Everyone still in favour of BFOS Crash-And-Burn rules?
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            Keeping with the open wheel theme, how about a championship winning car for the prize?


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              Scaley F1

              This will be the killer of the field no doubt. I'll pick one up tomorrow. Thanks for playing!


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                  I vote for the 3crash'n burn rules ..... hopefully we won't lose any wheels! Of course, I defer to the host veto powers.

                  Looks like a formidable prize car, but what happens on turn 13? Speaking of which, I don't know if space and track constraints would allow for a Tri-Oval to make it a little more interesting?

                  Hey Lugs, don't you have any Midgets in your collection !?


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                    Prize Car


                    No Alonso Renaults at Raceworld. I decided to go with the underdog, and picked up the Rubens Ferrari instead. He deserves to win something.


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                      Be There or Be Square

                      or a rounded off oval at least:


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                        Data for the Vanski Institute

                        There's something that feels right about doing 500+ k on the speedway, but if that means limiting the field to only 4 cars, then maybe this isn't the way to go. How does everyone else feel? More cars, or more laps?

                        Should all the cars be modern day F1/ChampCar/IRL type cars, or should we throw some vintage and midgets in the line up as well? (Although I believe there are laws in Ontario against midget throwing in a competition format.)

                        I'm interested in making this race fun for everyone, so what do y'all think?


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                          Keep it modern


                          I'm for keeping the field consistent in terms of the cars being from a similar era, even if some are Indycars and some are F1s. Bear in mind that more races means more points for the championship. Shorter heats might be easier to complete given the crash and burn nature of our racing now.


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                            RAW is WAR

                            Rory is looking good for this event, and has a car to enter as well. Looking forward to racing RAW at Leslieville Speedway!


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                              I love it.Break out the dremel.No Lugnuts,break open the wallet!I have never seen someone so slow to reach for ones cash.Oh and I also have a SCX F1,goes good.Would it be worthwhile bringing?