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  • Road Trip

    Brant has been in contact with a 1/24 group from Belleville Ontario that runs a Modified Class similar to ours. He would like to run a club-to-club event on two Saturdays ( or Sundays ) to give racers an opportunity to try a different track and meet up with people sharing our hobby. More details will follow, please let me know if you are interested.


    • Well, yeah!

      "sometimes things happen so fast that you don't see the colour of the lane you are riding on until it's too late."

      That's the whole point. Sometimes ya realize ya had a rider when ya hear the crash and right afterwards yer told about yer mom and Tijuana. It's been common practice for years that, if ya have a rider ya slow down. We've all had riders and been victims of a rider induced crash. Ya know what? That's racing. S##t happens. It's just another unenforceable silly rule. From my perspective, if people believe I have to run yer car into a wall to beat you I would suggest ya stop cleaning out yer pipes with Drano.
      I'll bet if ya put in a 'three crash and yer out' rule ya might not have the demo derbies that sometimes break out. Might reduce the number of riders as well.
      Now that's a rule that might work.


      • I'm interested in the Belleville series on a Saturday.


        • Belleville club

          I was talking to Brant and he said these guys run 1/24 Modified and assorted 1/32 classes. He is working on more details, I will keep everyone up to date with the information when it comes in.


          • Schedule

            I will confirm the race dates with Victor and Brant this weekend and send notification. Generally we race the last Friday of the month unless it's a long weekend or if it conflicts with Brant's hockey activities.

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            • first event of the new season

              The schedule still needs to be finalized, the first race will be "Sports Prototype" & "Production Sports" ( formerly IMSA ) followed by E.J's Midgets. We have switched the Nascar Class from the Sports night and will pair it up with Street / American Muscle. Next month will be Short-Track & Modified and the following event will be Nascar & Street / American Muscle. This will leave everyone lots of time to switch over motors to the new rules for the Street Class.

              I still must confirm the dates with Brant.

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              • Friday November 6th, first race new season

                Brant has confirmed that the first race of the 2009 / 2010 season will be on November 6th. ( Sports Prototype and Production Sports* formerly IMSA ) This has been decided because Oct 23 is the day before The Canadian Slotcar Show & Swapmeet and the Oct 30th is Halloween weekend.

                a full schedule will be listed shortly


                • this Friday !

                  Just a reminder, Sports Prototype & Production Sports

                  Some old rides have received a tune-up and some new ones are being put together.

                  See you all Friday !


                  • This is it...

                    One more day until the roar of the engines will be here again at the 'Hatch, it's sure to be a THRILLER, with racers trying to make Victor THE MAN IN THE MIRROR, the rear view mirror that is. It's only HUMAN NATURE that all present will try to steal the win and become a SMOOTH CRIMINAL. Everyone knows that the reigning champ is BAD and will be hungry for his next win.

                    Still lots to do on my cars, so I should BEAT IT !

                    see you soon
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                    • Nov 6th results from the 'Hatch

                      Prototype Class :

                      Peter Czerwony Jim Toye Victor Czerwony

                      A very close race ! Peter takes the win by one lap over Jim with Victor one lap back for 3rd
                      Peter also shatters the track record with several 2.7 second lap times !

                      Production Class :

                      Victor Czerwony Joe Guts Gord Glamna

                      Victor takes the win over Joe and Gord Glamna makes his first podium appearance with an excellent run in his Hot Wheels sponsored Camaro

                      E.J.'s Midget Class :

                      Jim Toye Joe Guts Chuck Ingram

                      - this is looking like it will soon become one of our favorite classes, if you don't have one of these cars yet speak to Brant, I think he still has a few left

                      We meet again this month on the 27th, Short-Track and Modified Classes
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                      • 2008 / 2009 Season Awards Presentation

                        We have completed our second full season at Brant's Hatch and it was time to hand out the hardware. Taking the overall Championship for the second time in a row is Mr. Victor Czerwony .

                        ......................... Chuck Ingram ................................ Victor Czerwony ..................

                        Congradulations to Victor ! This was a very close season and the championship went down to the final event. After drops were included Victor took the title by 1 point ! ( take that Nascar Chasers ! )

                        Class Winners :

                        Nascar and Short-Track, Peter Czerwony

                        ................................. Chuck Ingram ................ Peter Czerwony .........................

                        Modified & IMSA ( Production ), Victor Czerwony

                        ................................. Chuck Ingram ................... Victor Czerwony .....................

                        Sports ( Prototype ) & Street, Jim Toye

                        ................................ Chuck Ingram .............. Jim Toye ......................................

                        Our thanks go out as always to Brant & Dianne, they have truley put together a fantastic place for us to enjoy our favorite hobby. The new lighting has been installed, work on the ceiling will begin shortly and we still need to decide on the club logo. If you are interested in becoming a member of Brant's Hatch and live in the GTA, feel free to message me on this forum, we are always interested in growing the support for this hobby and have welcomed several new members over the past two years. If 1/24 Scale Hardbody Model Car Racing interests you this is the place for you !

                        ( * thanks also go out to all the SCI members ! over 10,000 views on this thread ! )

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                        • Street Class / American Muscle bodies

                          I stumbled upon a deal at a local store tonight :

                          if any of the Brant's Hatch members would like me to pick one of these up for you send me a message, the Bargain Barn had a ton of them left, at $ 4.99 I don't think they will be around for long ( * I like the bonus diecast replica that's included with each kit ! )
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                          • Terry, I got your message and picked up some kits. They had stocked the shelf with some 1/24 scale plastic F1 toy cars :

                            I picked up one of each type ( for a dollar ! )
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                            • this Friday, Short-Track & Modified

                              Friday Nov 27th, Short-Track & Modified at the 'Hatch

                              ( my mother always told me never bring a knife to a gunfight, hopefully one of these rockets will get the job done ! )

                              See you all Friday
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                              • Some of my weapons of choice for Friday......