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    Indeed, these events are good times, hosted by a really nice couple.

    See you Friday, Terry

    PS: I should have a nascar ready by then along with my worlds Ferrari for intensive testing....


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      Sorry i will not be able to make it this friday. Just started a new job and will be workin the afternoon shift this week. Since next race is a special, i'll be out on the Aug 22 race with a vengence (man talk about withdrawl).

      Good luck all, i will be lending a specially prepped Nascar to Roger.


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        results : June 27th, Sports / Nascar

        Sports : 1st Jim Toye 2nd Victor Czerwony 3rd Chuck Ingram

        It was a Porsche 1-2-3 sweep with the Red Bull 962c taking the win ( finally !!! )

        Nascar : 1st Victor Czerwony 2nd Jim Toye 3rd Chuck Ingram

        Victor gets the win. Joe Salvaterra's mechanical trouble allows Jim and Chuck to make the podium.

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          Hey guys,
          I had a blast last night. Thanks for including me. And thanks to Brant and Dianne for a great evening and some fantastic food.

          Spent a lot of time facing backwards, upside down or sideways on the track, last night... I blame my controller... or my car... or my tires... or... well I'll think of something.

          Looking forward to next time.


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            Thanks for racing

            Hi Bob,

            Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself, I'm looking forward to Tim and Roger joining in also.
            I think you did just fine for your first time ! Everyone is very helpful, feel free to ask questions, we don't keep secrets ( until you win !! )

            See you next time, Jim


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              July 25th race at Ted's

              I just want to notify everyone of some more details about the special race this month being put together by Ted's family. This event is only open to members of the former Sharon Miniature Auto Racing Track. Not only will it be a race, it will also give the club members a chance to purchase items from the huge collection of model kits and slotcars, display cases and accessories that Ted has put together since the 1950's.
              All sales will be cash, please come prepared to help clear out stock, this is a rare opportunity being offered by Ted's family to his close friends.

              Hope to see everyone in a few weeks, Jim


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                Brant's Hatch @ Sharon ( Ted's place )

                Friday July 25 : ( members and special guests only )

                Practice 6:00 - 8:00, Racing starts at 8:00 sharp, IMSA followed by Modified
                ( no qualifying or move up heats )

                *change your leads back, we will be running in the usual direction for Ted's track

                - all stock has been inventoried ( 27 pages ! ) and priced, model kits $5.00 - $25.00
                - vintage slot cars are priced at market value
                - large selection of racing books and magazines
                - display cabinets, 1/32 diecast, decals, lexan bodies

                See you all Friday

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                  results : July 25th, IMSA & Modified @ Ted's

                  IMSA :

                  Serge Tourikian Chuck Ingram Victor Czerwony
                  The Tourikian Mustang proved to be unbeatable again with Chuck edging out Vic by a segment for second. ( a trip to the pits for repairs cost Victor 6 laps, Serge won by 5.... )

                  Modified :

                  Joe Salvatera Victor Czerwony Chuck Ingram

                  Once again Joe showed us that a borrowed car can give you a trip to victory lane.

                  This was a special night as we all remembered a wonderful friend and the years of great times he provided to us. Thank you to Ted's family for hosting this final visit to the place that means so much to all of us.

                  Ted's daughters, Angela & Shari

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                    August 22, Short-Track & Street classes

                    Just a reminder, the next event will be Short-Track and Street ( new members, check Toys R Us, they are clearing AMT / ERTL kits, $ 7.99 )

                    Also, if you have picked up a Sprint Car from Brant try to have it in running condition, he would like to see if this class can be added at some point, may-be as a short, 1 min. heat third class for some events.

                    I hope everyone has a great long weekend ! see you on the 29nd

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                      Looking forward to the next event. I'll have a short track car, with a new motor that should run with the boys....


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                        A little look see at my effort for short track. Still a work in progress, hope to have it ready for the 22nd.


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                          Killer 'Cuda !

                          very nice work !!! I started an '88 Shelby Daytona dirt modified, not ready for photos, no paint yet !


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                            My street car is just getting finishing paint on it, Street stock undergoing some major revision.

                            After seeing Terry's i am wondering whether i should be pulling out the Mad Max Beast?



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                              You ain't seen nuthin' yet brotha, wait until it's finished.
                              The exhaust pipe out the side is killer, and the rear spoiler will be swoopy.


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                                Important Notice

                                Brant has just notified me that the race scheduled for this Friday Aug 22 has now been moved to Friday Aug 29th, the long weekend