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  • a great night of racing

    thank you to everyone that made it out last night, a solid turnout and some big fun with the novelty class cars ( rental / party cars ) thanks to Terry for putting it together

    result and pictures to follow, some new faces & 3 classes fit into one night

    a note about the schedule, we will not be running the Friday of Valentines Day weekend, the date will be announced in the future


    • Brants Hatch Jan 30, 2015 results

      We managed to run 3 classes tonight.

      The first and possibly last annual opposite hand, crash and burn, spare hand in your pocket rental car extravaganza, featuring 2 minute heats. To the victorious a bottle of cheap red wine, was the first event to hit the track.

      Peter Czerwony was the last man standing, as I don't think he deslotted once in four lanes. Quite the accomplishment as it was a weird sensation to be holding the controller in your opposite hand and not spazzing out. Some good laughs were had at the calamity.

      Up next, everyone's favourite the chaotic modified class;

      Ten racers on the line in the pre 1949 bodied, open wheeled madness.
      These cars are the second fastest class we race and almost every event features at least one car doing an aerial display like its a stunt airplane. A lot of close and frantic racing top three were on 234, 230, and 227 laps respectively after four three minute heats.

      Modified Results:

      1 Terry Dalton, 2 Vic Czerwony, 3 Peter Czerwony, 4 Jim Toye, 5 Chuck Ingram, 6 Brant Snow, 7 Todd Snow, 8 Joe Salvaterra, 9 Gord Glamna, 10, Tyler (whom was competing for the first time).

      Closing out the night were the Sports Cars, featuring GT sedans, LMP, Group C and vintage era sports cars. These are the fastest class run at Brant's and they are a lot of fun, because they are typically the best handling cars due to their low centre of mass. Top 3 lap totals were; 243, 241, and 238 respectively.

      After four lanes of three minute heats ten racers wound up like this;


      1, Terry Dalton, 2 Vic Czerwony, 3 Peter Czerwony, 4 Joe Salvaterra, 5 Jim Toye, 6 Gord Glamna, 7 Chuck Ingram, 8 Todd Snow, 9 Brant Snow, 10 Tyler ( new racer)

      Shout out to Tyler for a fine job on his debut with fast cars from the Jim Toye stable

      Thanks again to our always gracious hosts Brant and Diane.


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      • Friday , Friday, FRIDAY !!!!

        yes, you guessed it

        racing, this Friday

        same classes as last time, ( Sports & Mods )

        doors open at 6:00

        please confirm attendance with Brant

        for those of you that missed the Slotcar show in Etobicoke on Sunday, it was a blast, lots of vendors, lots of happy customers

        see you Friday,


        • Feb 27 results

          a big turnout ! thanks you to everyone that braved the cold weather to join us

          Sports Class :

          Peter Czerwony Victor Czerwony Jim Toye

          a fast paced race, turning the power down to 10 volts hasn't slowed the times a bit, the cars are just smoother around the track

          Modifieds :

          Terry Dalton Victor Czerwony Peter Czerwony

          what an action packed race, open wheel racing at it's finest
          Terry was able to put his beaten up ride on the top of the podium, a trip to the workshop will have it good as new

          Jim Toye finished just off the podium but not before putting down a fast lap of 2.734, these cars are crazy fast

          a fine dinner, fine friends and some great racing !

          see everyone March 27th


          • Friday March 27th

            here we go again !

            Short-Track, Vintage Nascar

            we have had record turnouts recently so please confirm attendance, this will help Brant with the food preparation

            see you Friday !


            • March 27th results

              Friday March 27th


              Victor Czerwony Jim Toye Terry Dalton

              Victor hits the top of the podium with Jim taking 2nd by a segment

              Vintage Nascar

              Terry Dalton Peter Czerwony Brant Snow

              another fine run with the vintage cars

              April 24th will see the return of Sports & Modified classes

              see you then !


              • this Friday !

                here we go again , Sports & Modifieds

                confirm attendance with Brant please


                • June 19th, 2014/2015 season finale

                  last night we had the final race of the season, results and overall standings to follow

                  thank you to our hosts, Brant & Dianne, another fine evening

                  a few items regarding the next season :

                  Nascar class : the body years will now be 1970 - 1989 ( must be a body that participated in Nascar during those years )

                  Short-Track class : the body years will now be 1949 - 1999 ( no completely open-wheeled cars, rear wheels must be partially covered )

                  Have a great summer, see everyone in September ! (* if anyone is heading to Sunset Speedway during the summer, let me know, I would be interested in hosting a BBQ night )


                  • Season Opener Oct 9th

                    we kicked off the 2015 / 2016 racing season last night, thank you to everyone that made it, the long weekend traffic made it a bit a challenge getting there

                    Sports / Production - Prototype

                    Terry Dalton Jim Toye Joe Salvaterra

                    Terrry's Mercedes takes the win, followed closely by Jim's Ford GT and Joe's Porsche


                    Terry Dalton Jim Toye Joe Salvaterra

                    Terry takes the win, Jim second with a loner car from Terry & Joe 3rd

                    The next event is Friday October 23rd, Nascar & Short-Track classes

                    Thanks as always to Brant & Dianne, please confirm attendance for the next event, it really helps to know the numbers for food preparation.

                    Happy Thanksgiving !
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                    • Friday October 23rd results

                      another exciting night of racing at Brant's Hatch

                      Short-Track :

                      Terry Dalton Chuck Ingram Joe Salvaterra

                      Nascar :

                      Terry Dalton Victor Czerwony Peter Czerwony

                      thanks again to Dianne for the meal preparation, fantastic !

                      I will be posting the next event and classes as soon as they are confirmed

                      enjoy the rest of the weekend !
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                      • 2016 is here !

                        Happy New Year to all, here's the next events :

                        Friday Jan 15th
                        Nascar / Sports

                        Friday Jan 29th
                        Modified / Short-Track

                        please confirm attendance with Brant


                        • schedule update

                          good evening,

                          Brant has messaged me, this Friday's event has been cancelled, he will be coming up with a new date in Feb / March to re-run the classes, we will still be meeting at the end of the month as previously noted


                          • Friday Jan 29th 2016 results

                            another fine night of racing at Brant's :


                            Victor Czerwony Terry Dalton Chuck Ingram

                            Victor takes the win, Terry a close second & Chuck hits the podium on the maiden voyage of his beautiful new ride


                            Victor Czerwony Peter Czerwony Chuck Ingram

                            this was our first " all Camaro " podium

                            Thanks as always to Brant & Dianne for an evening of racing and a great home cooked meal

                            see you all in February


                            • Friday Feb 26th !

                              this Friday, Nascar & Sports

                              please confirm attendance with Brant


                              • results Feb 26th, 2016

                                a nice evening of dinner & racing !

                                Nascar :

                                Charles Goertz Terry Dalton Jim Toye

                                congratulations going out to Charles ! on it's maiden voyage his new Thunderbird takes the top of the podium, Terry a close second with Jim a few laps back for third

                                Sports :

                                Victor Czerwony Peter Czerwony Terry Dalton

                                the Sports cars were flying tonight on the freshly cleaned track

                                thanks to everyone for coming out, and also to Brant & Dianne for hosting