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    Short track doom.....

    more pix for you to get worried about......


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      take a bow !!!!!!!!

      the force is strong with this one, I see

      Young Grasshopper, you have definately snatched the pebble on this one !!!!!

      That's one 'Killa 'Cuda, if it's half as fast as it looks we are all in BIG trouble


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        Friday August 29th, Short track & Street classes

        Hello club members,

        Just a reminder regarding the event this week, Brant has also asked that everyone bring "ideas", he would like to have a short driver's meeting and discuss the start of the fall season and get some input from the members.

        I hope everyone's ready, some tuff Mopar's are going to be on the starting grid.

        See you all tomorrow !
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          results : August 29th / season finale

          Short-Track :

          1st : Chuck Ingram 2nd Peter Czerwony 3rd Victor Czerwony

          Chuck showed us that not only is he a member, he is the club President !

          Street Class :

          1st : Victor Czerwony 2nd Jim Toye Brian Youngson

          Victor wraps up the season with a race win and the championship !

          Congradulations, a combination of excellent driving skills and superior car preparation consistantly place Victor in the winner's circle. Another fine mark on the year of racing, Victor also was on the winning team representing Brant's Hatch at this year's Maxport II
          Le Mans race for 1/32 scale cars. The Maxport II club is looked upon by many seasoned racers as the premium 1/32 racing club in the greater Toronto area.

          2008 Brant's Hatch overall series Champion, Victor Czerwony

          I would just like to say "thank you" to all the members for participating in the first season of this club, and to Brant and his wife for providing us with such a great venue to enjoy our monthly fix of slot car racing. The final race of the season showed the dedication the members have with a record number of entries ( and on a long weekend Friday ! )

          I would also like to thank Slotcar Illustrated and the staff, this website is one of the reasons the club has grown, and also kept us informed of other slotcar related activities in our area.

          Good luck to all in the 2008/2009 season, see you on September 26th for Sports and Nascar classes.
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            2008 / 2009 Racing @ "The Hatch"

            A schedule has been put together to give everyone plenty of advance notice regarding the dates chosen for our next season :


            October 3rd Sports / Nascar ** changed from original date

            October 24 IMSA / Modified

            November 28 Short-Track / Street

            December 19th Sports / Nascar


            January 30th IMSA / Modified

            February 27th Short-Track / Street

            March 27th Sports / Nascar

            April 24th IMSA / Modified

            May 29th Short-Track / Street

            June 26th Sports / Nascar

            July 24th IMSA / Modified

            August 21st Short-Track / Street
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              Vintage Gulf Oil advertisment

              A trip to a local Flea Market this morning added some new art work to hang on the club's wall. I picked up a framed 60's Gulf Oil magazine advertisment featuring a group of mechanics wrenching on a Ford GT 40.


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                race date change

                Brant has advised me that he will be going away Friday September 26th for the weekend. Originally he had requested Thursday Sep 25th but several phonecalls to him have changed that date. The new date is Friday Oct 3rd. So, if you can make it I will see everyone on the Friday night for Sports and Nascar classes.

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                  Season Point Totals

                  The net points are based on the best 7 out of 9 races
                  Points awarded were
                  =10 points
                  = 8
                  = 7
                  4th = 6
                  5th = 5
                  6th = 4
                  7th =3
                  and below

                  OVER ALL STANDINGS

                  ____name__season points__ drop points__ net points
                  Vic________157___________30________ 127
                  Jim________114___________13________ 101
                  4th Serge________77____________0__________77
                  5th Joe__________67____________0__________67
                  6th Brian________69_____________6__________63
                  7th Peter________71____________12_________59
                  8th Terry________54_____________0_________54
                  9th Brant________55_____________6_________49
                  10th Justin______48_____________0__________48
                  11th Franco_____44_____________0__________44
                  12th Bob________12_____________0__________12
                  13th Dennis______9_____________0___________9
                  14th John_______6______________0__________6
                  15th Ted________6______________0__________6
                  16th Roger______3______________0__________3

                  Top 3 per class and records for that class


                  _____name__ points__ lap total
                  Vic_____ 28_______564

                  best time 2.963 Surge
                  lap record 221 Surge


                  _____name__points__lap total

                  best time 2.899 Surge
                  lap record 225 Serge


                  _____name__points__Lap total


                  best time 2.949 Serge
                  lap record 221 Serge


                  _____name__points__Lap total

                  best time 2.902 Serge
                  lap record 215 Vic


                  _____Name__points__lap total

                  best time 2.895 Jim
                  lap record 227 Vic

                  SHORT TRACK

                  _____name__points__lap total

                  best time 2.899 Serge
                  lap total 217 Serge
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                    This Friday, Sports & Nascar

                    Just a reminder, Oct 3rd Brant's Hatch

                    Good Luck to all the members heading to Chicago this weekend ! We will be sure to raise a glass in your honour, and don't worry about the points, you can use this as a drop.

                    Have a safe ( and winning ) trip, see you all at the next event !


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                      Entry fee

                      The board of directors have changed the entry fee for this season. The $ 10.00 fee has increased to $ 15.00 starting this evening. This is still an excellent value as it covers your entry fee for two classes of racing, the home cooked meal and all beverages.


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                        Oct 3rd race and Awards night

                        Another great night of racing

                        Sports :

                        Victor Czerwony Jim Toye Justin Merkac

                        Victor starts the new season with a win, a very close one, a 3 segment victory.

                        Nascar :

                        Jim Toye Peter Czerwony Victor Czerwony

                        Jim dominates, Peter defeats dad for second, Victor receives heavy damage but still makes the podium !!!

                        Brant and Dianne have always put so much thought into making our races a great night and tonight was no exception with the Awards Banquet. Trophys were beautiful ! Victor will soon have to build an addition to his house for a new Trophy Room, Congratulations on a great season taking all but two classes.

                        Chuck Ingram : President, Brian Youngson : Stats & Race Director, Justin M. : I.T. Specialist

                        Chuck Ingram : 2008 IMSA, Jim Toye : 2008 Sportscar, Victor Czerwony, well, everything else and 2008 Champ !
                        ( by the way, I'm 5'10", these are some really big winners ! )
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                          not Brant's hatch related but important

                          Ernie wnats to start spec car racing again. The cars will basically be the same Titan chassis with a falcon motor (untouched). The body will change to old can-am style and the gear ratio may change. Call Ernie with your comments.



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                            this Friday, IMSA + Modified

                            Hello everyone,

                            October 24th is the next event, see you all Friday.

                            Don't forget, this Saturday is the Canadian Slot Car Show, break open the piggy banks, always a great selection of new and used stuff. Go early for the best selection, people are always lined up outside very early, doors open at 9:00

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                              results : October 24th, IMSA + Modified

                              IMSA :

                              Victor Czerwony Peter Czerwony Jim Toye

                              Vic's Japanese entry was able to easily put away the effort's of Peter's British Jaguar and Jim's German engineered Mercedes ( Jim's visit to the floor, and the driver meltdown afterwards almost left him off the podium )

                              Modified :

                              Victor Czerwony Chuck Ingram Joe Guts

                              Victor reminded us again that he is the 2008 Champ and the one to beat. Chuck and " No Guts, No Glory" Joe Guts battled to a close finish for second and third. Joe is showing us that his recent streak of success on the Toronto 1/32 circuit was not just luck but a display of his expert driving skills.

                              Joe brought his midget along with him for the evening
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                                racing this Friday

                                Short-Track and Street Class

                                Friday November 28 will be the above noted classes.

                                Brant would also like a decision on Street, it was originally intended for American Muscle but has evolved into Exotic and Tuner ( hey, me too, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em )

                                See you all Friday
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