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    results : Nov 28th - Short Track / Street

    Short Track : Chevy / Dodge / Buick

    Peter Czerwony Chuck Ingram Joe Guts

    Peter submitted an excellent display of driving skills to put himself on the top of the podium followed by the always competitive Dodge driven by Chuck. Third was the blood-thirsty Joe Guts, always a factor in every race he enters.

    Street : Ferrari / Jaguar / Volkswagen ???

    Jim Toye Victor Czerwony Chuck Ingram

    This was the final Street race featuring the Imports in this class and they all went out in style ! Jim's Ferrari proved to be un-stoppable pulling off a hat-trick, #1. Most Laps , 232.0 #2. 59.0 laps in a heat #3. Quickest lap, 2.840 seconds . ( Tip of the day, change your braids !!! ) Victor's Jaguar made it's final trip to the podium in second with the crowd favorite Chuck Ingram "LOve Bug" rounding out the field in third. Chuck's scratch-built V.W. stunned the crowd with it's Porsche-like performance.

    The next Street Class event will feature American Muscle, 1974 and older as requested by club owner Brant Snow.

    - next event, December 19th, Sports / Nascar classes
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      Saturday January 3rd, 2009 Midget Race

      Mark your calendars:

      January 3rd Brant will be hosting a special race to honour our friend Ted Howes.

      The E.J's Midget cars will be featured in this 500 lap event, I would suggest bringing these cars to the December event to do some testing. Brant still has a few of these kits remaining if you don't already have one. I believe they are also still available on-line from the E.J's website.

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        Dec 19th race and Holiday Season Party

        Brant has informed me that the next race will also be The Annual Club Party. Please let us know if you will be attending so he can make plans for the food. This will not include spouses this time due to the size of his house. He would like to plan another evening ( possibly at a restaurant ) including spouses.

        See you on the 19th


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          Love Santa's new buggy. I'm hoping to finally make it out on the 19th. Will be able to be 99% certain by Dec12th.




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            That's good news Tim, hope you can make it. It's the final race of the year and Brant's hosting a party, the whole gang's going to be there :

            2008 Club Member photo ( Joe Guts driving the pace car )
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              What no gumby... maybe i may have to rethink... i was hoping to get an autograph.



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                For sure Gumby will be there ! ( and Pokey ) We are first class all the way !


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                  Final Race Day of 2008

                  I hope everyone is getting ready for Sports and Nascar on the 19th, and don't forget to bring the Midgets for testing. It is a busy time of year, please let Brant or myself know if you can make it. Please note, track direction will change for this event also.

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                    Can confirm that i will be able to make it. Still working on my cars (jim i nuked the rules you sent me... could you send them to me again).

                    Also can you resend Brant's address and time for the event.

                    Looking forward to it.



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                      Thanks Tim, I will e-mail the info.

                      Basically Sports class cars are LeMans / Daytona Prototype, any year ( the Porsche 962c's from Tamiya are very popular ) Nascar can be any body that has run in a Nascar event, no limit on year, old or new, import or domestic. Chassis rules are unlimited as far as manufacturer, you can scratch build something or run a store bought item. Make sure you have .062 clearance on a tech block. I believe you can run anything up to a S16 D motor for Nascar and up to a Group 12 for Sports. You don't need huge power for our track, it's under 50 feet long and many cars have made the podium with Falcon / Cheetah power. A Fox motor will not be competitive. With this being your first event the Tech Inspector will point out any issues with your racecars and you will have until the next event to make adjustments. If you make any changes after tech is done you must inform the Tech Inspector. We run a fun club and don't have a tear-down session after each class. ( with saying that, anyone in the past that has tried to pull any stunts at an event has never been seen again and we cannot confirm their current location ! )

                      Just kidding ! See you Friday
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                        Clearance on a tech block

                        Hi, Guys just what to correct Jim on the clearance it is .049" I will try to bring some of the .049" wire with me to the next race for those of you that do not have it,it is not readily available.



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                          Also, the guide flag and tires cannot be viewed from the top looking down on the tech block ( exception : Short Track and Modified, tires can be exposed ) Maximum width is 3.250" at the widest point unless otherwise stated for a class.

                          Thanks Franco, see you Friday
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                            Winter Weather Advisory - Heavy Snow

                            I just spoke with Brant, with the weather conditions that are predicted for tomorrow night he has concerns about people driving to his place. Please message me with your concerns and I will speak to him, he would like to re-schedule or double up the classes at next month's race.

                            Thanks, Jim


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                              Race night cancelled

                              Brant just called, it's official, we will re-schedule, date to follow.

                              Drive safely ! It's already a mess and it's supposed to continue all weekend.

                              Happy Holidays !

                              ( the day wasn't a total loss, the Office party was lots of fun ! )

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                                Jan 3rd, Sports / Nascar and EJ's Midgets

                                This Saturday will be the make-up race date ( hopefully we don't get another blizzard ! ) and Brant has told me that if everyone hasn't finished tuning ( or building ! ) the EJ's Midget racers, not to worry, we will have a test and tune for them depending on the number of entries. If we have enough finished for a full field we will run them as an exhibition event, not a points race. As an added feature I will be bringing my latest addition to the stable, a BRM Miller Porsche 962. I have heard good things about these cars and will be putting my car through the paces on the club track ( who knows, I may even enter it in the Sports division and give the Red Bull Porsche 962c a well deserved rest ! ) Doors open at 6:30

                                Hope to see you all Saturday
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