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    technical / I . T. difficulties

    It seems that the computer didn't like multiple Sportscars breaking the 3.0 lap time barrier last night during the actual race and shut the power down on us after 3 re-starts. Sports / Nascar will be re-scheduled AGAIN ! If it's not the weather it's something else. I'm sure our dedicated in-house specialist's will put together a "think-tank" and resolve our tech issues.

    new race date to be announced

    We still had a great dinner, thanks Brant & Dianne !


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      Good News!

      I was able to pickup the wiring diagram from Ernie on Friday night.
      THANKS ERNIE we were

      I might have to pickup a few more diodes, maybe I will get lucky and find some in my electronics bin. So far I have one diode in the right place. I left a message for Brant at his house letting him know.

      Now all that needs to be done is installing them before the next race.


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        Thanks ! I hope you get lucky too !!! ( with the diodes, LOL )


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          Race Night, Friday Jan 30th, 2009

          This Friday marks the return of two popular classes :



          The track computer problems have been checked out and hopefully those issues are behind us.
          As they say on Pinks : " Let's RACE ! "


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            I just wanted to say a thank you shout out for a great night of racing at Brants Hatch last evening.
            It was nice to be back.

            Thanks to; Peter, Vic and Jim for use of the controllers and Diane for fabulous apres race food and of course Brant as a gracious host.



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              Jan 30th 2009 race results

              Terry, it was great to have you back in the field ( your hiatus served you well ! excellent run ! )


              Chuck Ingram, 216 Victor Czerwony, 215 Terry Dalton, 215

              The numbers say it all, this was a very close one. Chuck showed us once again that just because his cars and motors are older than some of the club members, it doesn't keep him away from the podium. The final heat slight loss of performance from Terry's Porsche cost him his first win but still carried him to an excellent 2nd place finish. Victor, well, everyone knows that if there's a slot car event of any kind you will find him in the top three !

              ( note : the Euro style cars are starting to show how strong they can be ! Terry's car was a rocket and Brian's Acura with only a Fox motor was very competitive ! a Cheetah/Falcon upgrade would have him at the top of the field ! )


              Chuck Ingram, 209 Victor Czerwony, 208 Peter Czerwony, 207

              Another close one ( with major drama ! )

              This race had many twists and turns ( and straight-a-ways too ! ) The action packed event saw Chuck running a classic Ted Howes special that was performing flawlessly until a serious collision occured at the Serge Tourikian Bridge (also known as "Under Serge" , not to be confused with the classic film " Under Seige " by Steven Segal ) Chuck's racer continued for some time after the impact and then completely lost the front axle assembly at the end of the heat. Lucky for Chuck, he had several sit-outs and was able to perform a repair between heats. A return to the track saw Chuck bring home the win with not much left of the body or chassis ! I'm sure Ted was looking down from above screaming " what the *%$#@*!! did you do to my car !!! " The win would of put a huge smile on his face for sure.

              ( a decision was made after the race at dinner, we will not run this direction again, several vehicles were so badly damaged in collisions under the bridge they will not return to competion, I had my first DNF of the season )

              Special thanks go out to I.T. The computer worked perfectly ! * pictures to follow, I forgot my camera, Joe Salvatera's guest "Samantha" let me use her camera for the podium pics :

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                nice to see the pictures.the "ted sled" looks good on top of the podium. chuck


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                  podium pics

                  Thank you to Samantha for e-mailing me the photos. It was a very historic night for the " Ted mobile ", as I know Chuck has a few fond memories ( and a win ) in the past with this car.

                  I felt silly, I mentioned to a friend after that I forgot my camera and they asked me why I didn't take a picture with my cell phone !!! I keep forgetting it's not just for phone calls.


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                    Race Night, Feb 27th, 2009 Short-Track & Street

                    Short-Track :

                    Street :

                    ( my friend's parents '68 Twin Turbo 351 Mustang, 750 hp at the rear wheels ! )

                    A few things to keep in mind, the next race we will be switching back to the old direction so remember to switch your leads. Dirt modified cars are allowed in the Short-Track class as long as they are newer than 1949 bodies. Also the new rules are in effect for Street, American Muscle up to 1974. Tuner and European bodies will not be permitted. See you all in a few weeks ( or at MiniGrid this week for 1/32 )
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                      Does anyone know when it's Brant's birthday ?

                      All we need now is a cake !


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                        Feb 27th added feature

                        The next race night will be very special as " Brant's Hatch 1/24 Club " presents the stage version of " Raiders of the Lost Slots ". The story will be told of how two club member thrill seekers travelled the country side in search of slotcar treasure ( and found it ! )

                        Starring : Joe Guts as " El Diablo ", Chuck as " Indiana Ingram " and Victor as " Czerwony Jones "

                        arrive early to get good seats ! LOL !
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                          EJ's Midget's - Lancia's and stuff

                          I got a call from Brant today, he asked me to put the word out to everyone to bring the Midget cars and Lancia's to the next race night. People have put out the money to buy these cars and he would like them to get a chance to run them. Also, Victor and I have some ideas about an IROC style class that I put past Brant and he was very interested ( don't panic, you don't have to buy more cars, these would be identically prepared Brant's Hatch " Club Cars " ) We have a solid membership and Brant wants to keep it that way by making things interesting and also maintaining a level playing field. The race nights have been finishing up early and we could easily fit another class in with 1 min or 2 min heats.

                          I have also posted a separate thread with our schedule listed incase you are unsure of race nights or classes.

                          Please bring your ideas and suggestions to the next event, this is "our" club and Brant really appreciates everyone's input.

                          See you at the races !
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                            Model Kits

                            I have had an e-mail from one member that will be bringing some model kits to trade or sell this Friday. Feel free to do the same, I will also go through my stuff and bring some duplicate kits.

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                              Feb 27th race results

                              Short Track

                              Terry Dalton Chuck Ingram Jim Toye

                              What a great race ! Terry pulls off his first win at Brant's Hatch, also a first win for PLAFIT at the club. Terry's beautifully prepared custom 'Cuda, Chuck's hard chargin' Charger and Jim's vintage Ted Howes Plymouth GTX make this the first all MOPAR podium. Ted may have left this world a year ago, his presence in racing is still very strong with this being the second month in a row with his cars on the podium.


                              Brian Youngson Jim Toye Terry Dalton

                              Another first time winner ! Brian puts his '71 Hemi 'Cuda on the podium with Jim's '70 Chevelle SS close behind and Terry's borrowed Corvette rounding out the field in 3rd. This was the first event under the revised rules for Street, I think we are going to see some amazing Muscle Cars show up in the future, nice work on everyone's cars for tonight.

                              .................................................. ..well done Terry ! .................................................. ..

                              JK,.......................................... MOSSETTI RACING,....................................... PARMA FLEXI

                              .....................................from race director, to race winner ! ...........................................

                              Model Kit Swap / Sell Night

                              This was a huge success, I think everyone was able to find something interesting to take home with them, we will be repeating this type of event and including "parts" Swap / Sell nights also.

                              Thanks as always to our hosts, Brant & Dianne put on another fantastic evening of " Dinner & Racing "

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                                Winners Circle

                                The last event saw two new first time winners at the club ! There's a new product available that I think we may have to get :

                                I think this will motivate everyone to win !