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  • Brant's Hatch - 1:24 Club - Toronto

    After a 30 year break operating a home club track, Brant Snow, Toronto Ontario Canada has started up again with a brand new 4 lane Olgilvie set-up in his basement. Several of us ran at his place as teenagers back in the day and it was a blast racing at his home again. Saturday saw Victor Czerwony sweep the night with victories in Nascar and Sportscar Hardbody classes. Jim Toye saw second place finishes in both classes. Porsche 962c's dominated the Sports class.

    Next round : March 7th : Modified, followed by IMSA

    Many thanks to Brant and his wife for welcoming us to their home !
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    Brants Pictures:


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      Results : Mar 14th, IMSA / Modified

      IMSA : 1st Serge Tourikian

      Serge's Rolling Thunderz powered IMSA Mustang was no match for the competition as he easily ran circles around the rest of the field

      Modified : 1st Victor Czerwony

      Victor was "last man standing" in the crash filled modified event. The majority of entries were off to the body shop at the end of this "demolition derby"

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        Schedule update : Race Day changed

        I have received an update from Brant, the event for next Friday has been changed to Friday April 4th, 7:00 pm

        Short Track and Street will be the classes, everyone have a nice long weekend !


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          results : April 4th, Short Track / Street

          Short Track :

          Serge Tourikian was able to overpower the field with the Rolling Thunderz horsepower under the hood of his T-Bird.

          Street :

          Victor Czerwony bounced back from complete mechanical failure in practice to take the win in the Jaguar.

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            new classes :
            with the addition of 1:32 Lancia class and EJ's Sprint Car class to the club can anyone suggest the ohm controller that will be required ?

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              results : April 25th Sports / Nascar

              SPORTS :

              1st : Serge Tourikian
              2nd : Jim Toye
              3rd : Victor Czerwony

              Battle of the Porsche 962c's, Serge was able to edge out the competion with his "body in white" livery

              NASCAR :

              1st : Serge Tourikian
              2nd : Victor Czerwony
              3rd : Jim Toye

              The Lowes machine dominates the Bud and Coors entries

              * This was a very special event as Brant's wife treated us to a home-made Lasagna dinner. What a nice suprise, Thank you !

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                Racing this Friday, May 9th

                Modified and IMSA classes this week

                Brant has asked me to try to confirm the number of racers to help him plan for the snacks and food for the event, drop me a PM and I will pass along the info, Thanks


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                  results : May 9th

                  IMSA :

                  Chuck Ingram

                  Victor Czerwony

                  Jim Toye

                  Another close one ! First and second a couple of feet apart, third one lap back

                  Modified :

                  Joe Salvaterra

                  Victor Czerwony

                  Chuck Ingram

                  The wheels fell off the win for Victor ( back wheel actually ) with seconds remaining !
                  Joe took advantage with a big win with a borrowed car !

                  The Usual Suspects
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                    rule update / classes

                    Hello, a couple of questions were brought up last night and here's the answers so there isn't any confusion.

                    1st question : could Modified class be updated to run newer style bodies ? currently only 1949 and older can be used.

                    answer : no, but, if you want to prepare modified cars such as Pinto's, Vega's, Mustang II's, Monza's etc. you can enter them in the " Short Track " class that is already in place.

                    2nd question : can pick-up trucks be entered in the " Street " class ?

                    answer : yes, you may use truck model kits, as long as they represent a street version of the vehicle

                    So, start building guys, the next race night is " Street " and " Short Track "

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                      Next Race Event

                      Please note : next race is Jun 6th , the May 30th date originally picked is the MINIGRID Awards Banquet


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                        running a different direction

                        Hey guys, I was talking to Brant on the weekend, he has requested that we try running in the opposite direction this week. Please change yours leads, if we like it he is going to rig something up to switch the direction on the track for a bit of variety. I would also like to mention Justin picked up a printer so we can print the results !

                        See you Friday, Short Track & Street classes


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                          results : June 6th

                          Short Track : Victor Czerwony Jim Toye Peter Czerwony

                          The Flying Czerwony family ends up on the newly constructed podium with "Jim Bob" Toye taking second place in a brand new entry, the Hooker Headers / Power Racing Lumina

                          Street : Victor Czerwony Jim Toye Terry Dalton

                          It was looking like a sure win for Jim Bob in the hard-charging Parma Flexi Ferarri when heavy traffic and several crashes saw Victor Czerwony in Victory Lane again.

                          A celebrity guest marshall ( and Weekend at Bernie's stunt-double ) Mr. Joe Guts was on hand to assist with the racing event. Obviously rumors of his untimely demise were grossly exaggerated. Thanks to Joe for helping out !

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                            2008 Racing @ "The Hatch" Schedule

                            After many hours of hard work by the I.T. department we now have a schedule in place for the remaining 2008 Race Season :

                            Date............. Race 1 Race 2

                            June 27, 2008 Sports / Nascar

                            July 25, 2008* IMSA / Modified

                            Aug 29, 2008 Short Track/Street

                            Sep 26, 2008 Sports / Nascar

                            Oct 31, 2008 IMSA / Modified ( * this will be looked at, Hal-o-ween night ? we will re-schedule )

                            Nov 28, 2008 Short Track/Street

                            Dec 19 ???????? to be announced

                            * For the July 25, 2008 event, our friend and daughter of Ted Howes, Shari, has requested that we hold our race at Ted's track in memory of her father. Her whole family will be in town, including Ted's grandchildren and she thought it would be nice for them to see us race at the place that has given us so many good times.

                            So, mark these dates on your calendar, Good Luck Racing !
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                              Friday June 27th, Sports / Nascar

                              This Friday is Sports / Nascar classes.

                              Brant liked the "running backwards" at the last event, so remember to change your leads, lap times were slower and there were less "offs", much easier on the marshalls.

                              We are welcoming 4 new members this month, Tim, Bob and Rodger representing Raceworld Canada, and long-time 1:24 racer and friend Andy Norris ( Chuck's brother, LOL ) and his crew chief Tom.

                              It's a long weekend for some people so please confirm your attendance with myself or Brant, "Chef Dianne" likes to have an idea on the number of guests for dinner. Again, many thanks to her, I don't know the menu for other racing clubs, but I can say I think we are the most well taken care of racer's around !

                              See you all Friday !