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    The Brant's Hatch 1/24 Club is an extention of the Sharon Miniature Auto Racing Track operated by the late Mr. Ted Howes of Sharon, Ontario, Canada. Ted's club dates back decades to it's creation at his place in Stouffville Ontario.

    Entry Fee :

    $15.00 per event (this covers 2 classes of racing and the evening meal, snacks & beverages)

    Race Night :

    Generally we race on the last Friday of each month ( unless the Friday falls on a long weekend )

    General Racing Rules :

    All cars must pass tech inspection before participating in an event. If a new member has a car that doesn't pass tech for any reason the tech inspector can issue a warning and the car can be raced at the event, all changes must be made to the car by the member to make it legal for the next event. If the problem is serious and could cause damage to the track the car will need to be fixed immediatly before entering the race.

    Tire preparation will be limited to the use of sandpaper, lighter fluid and castor oil only. These preparations can only be performed on the test track. The use of any other tire additives or tire "glue" will result in the disqualification of the member from the event.

    Back-up cars are not allowed, if your car breaks during a race you make make any nessesary repairs.

    A practice session is available before each event, Brant generally likes everyone to start showing up after 6:00.

    Description of Race Cars :

    All cars must be either 1/25 or 1/24 scale

    Maximum width is 3 1/4" (3.250") at the widest point (see rules for individual classes)

    All four tires must make contact when car is placed on tech block

    Minimum tech clearance is 0.050" for all parts of the car (chassis, gears, body)

    The guide flag cannot be visible when viewed from above

    Gears cannot be visible when viewed from above

    A maximum of half the gear can be viewed from behind (with the exception of Sports)

    Axle diameter can be any size

    Pinion and gears of any pitch and style are permitted

    Wheels and tires cannot be viewed from above unless otherwise stated for a class

    Tires must be black in colour, no o-rings allowed

    Minimum front tire width for all classes : 1/4" ( 0.250" )

    Minimum front tire diameter is 7/8" ( 0.8750" ) all classes except Nascar 1/24 bodies

    Tire diameters must meet minimum requirement listed for each class

    Maximum tire track is 3 1/4" (3.250") for all classes

    Bodies :

    All cars must have a "finished" appearance and be equipped with the following :

    - all injection-molded bodies must be painted or clear-coated
    - windows and/or window screens must be installed as appropriate to the class
    - car bodies must have numbers appropriate to the class
    - all cars must have a fully painted driver
    - all cars must have a roll cage/bar appropriate to the class
    - car interiors must be installed so that no part of the chassis is visible through the window

    Motor Ratings :

    Any motor rated "lower" than the specified motor for a given class is permitted.
    Balanced armatures are allowed in all classes

    Wasp - 16D (S16D) - 26D - 36D - Cheetah/Falcon/Fox - Open-frame inline

    Chassis :

    Any chassis, scratch-built or commercially available can be used for all classes

    Class Descriptions :

    Sports Prototype :

    - WSC Series, LeMans, IMSA, GTP, Can-Am, Daytona Prototype
    - plastic/resin bodies
    - minimum rear tire diameter 7/8 (0.8750")
    - Wasp motors

    Nascar :

    - Nascar, Winston Cup, Nextel & Sprint bodies
    - plastic hardbody model kits
    - no modifications allowed to front spoiler or wheel wells
    - minimum tire diameter 1" (1.0") with the exception of 1/25 bodies, fronts can be 0.875"
    - Wasp motor

    Production Sports :

    - Grand Touring, DTM, TransAm, SCCA, IROC, Group A, WRC
    - these cars are modified for racing and include fender flares, bulges, spoilers
    - body modifications must be similar to the actual 1:1 scale racecar
    - plastic/resin bodies
    - maximum body width 3 3/8" (3.375")
    - minimum wheelbase 3 1/2" (3.50")
    - minimum rear tire diameter 7/8" (0.875")
    - Wasp motor

    Modified :

    - North American Heavy Iron (pre-1949 only)
    - plastic/resin bodies
    - minimum rear tire diameter 1" (1.0")
    - minimum wheelbase 3 1/2" (3.50")
    - tires may extend beyond body width for this class
    - open wheel cars allowed
    - 16D motors

    Short-Track :

    - North American bodies ( 1949 - 1989 )
    - plastic/resin bodies
    - minimum rear tire diameter 1" ( 1.0")
    - minimum wheelbase 3 1/2" (3.50")
    - tires may extend beyond body, no open wheel cars
    - 16D motors

    Street Legal ( American Muscle ) :

    - 1955 to 1974 American production cars
    - must be stock appearing body, no modifications to wheel wells etc.
    - plastic/resin body
    - maximum body width 3 3/8" ( 3.3750" )
    - minimum rear tire diameter 1" ( 1.0" )
    - minimum wheelbase 3 1/2" ( 3.50" )
    - 200 gram total weight minimum
    - Falcon / Cheetah motors

    *E.J.'s Midget cars :

    - cars must be assembled using only parts provided in the E.J.'s kit

    *Slot.It Lancia Class ( 1/32 )

    - cars must be assembled using only parts provided in the Slot.It kit
    - body must be painted
    - tires must be Ingram foam
    - lead can be added to chassis

    Points Awards :

    1 st = 10 points
    2 nd = 8 points
    3 rd = 7 points
    4 th = 6 points
    5 th = 5 points
    6 th = 4 points
    7 th ( and below ) = 3 points

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    recent rule changes / updates

    1. "Sports" class is now "Sports Prototype"

    2. "IMSA" class is now "Production Sports"

    3. "Street" (American Muscle)

    - this class will now run only Falcon / Cheetah motors
    - tech will include a minimum 200 gram total weight
    - the body year has been revised, 1955 - 1974


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      Hi Jim. When will the schedule be released?


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